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This is it we are couple hours from the big game of the NFL season.
Just one game to decide the true winner.
Deep inside both teams are winners from getting access to this February game.
Great weather around 73 degrees and sunshine all over.
Actually it will be night by the time the game starts.
Cooler weather on the way.

Another year, another disappoint from Patriots not playing the Super Bowl
this year. Entirely it is not Brady fault even though age could be a factor.
He is still can play with the right players around him.
Brady is on his way out with maybe two years left with great IQ and speed
football time.

It is getting important for him to be fit to play.
Just having Edelmann at his disposal will not cut it this year.
They rely much on defense to win more games.
Defense did collapse at the end of the season since they were one dimensional team
this year.
They tried to up their game on offense by acquire the service of AB. It was a short marriage.
They let go other key players due to other issues and injuries.
Gronk cannot play hurt anymore so he retired last year.
Sony Michel did run the ball but Patriots was not the best team this season.


As a whole Patriots had a nice season. Expectations did not carry them to the ultimate price.
Losing to the Dolphins put a hole so big at their core, that Titans explored and made them pay
for their overuse defense scheme.
Brady will hit free agency in March.
You can spell chaos cause a player so gifted should play in one team.
I said that many times, Brady wants to win. Money should not be an issue.
Unfortunately he has not been paid properly.

It has been noticed that Patriots are considering to offer him $30 to play next season.
Brady is not flashy but responsive and will get rid of the ball when guys are open.
Brady is an asset any given day other teams will explore.
Chargers may want to fill in the QB position since they are well round to push.
Surprisingly Titans are looking to request his service.
I even heard Dolphins.
Dolphins part could be just speculation since they are on a rebuilding mode.

One player tweeted the other day Brady should leave the AFC EAST.
I may add it is too easy for Brady. Patriots got it easy on that division.
No clear challenge. Bills got a long way to go.
Today belongs to Chiefs and 49ers but Brady still roaming around like this is his day as well.
Today belongs to everybody even black Mamba.
Respect and enjoy the game.
Stay tuned!

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