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Yesterday PSG fell flat in front of a young team full of talent.
Quickly it reminds me of Ajax last year.
Watching football is all about good defense and goals scoring.
This Norwegian amazed everyone in that way.
having Mbappé and Neymar are not enough to win the match.

Erling Haaland was clearly the man of the match.
When he touches the ball, you are thinking about him scoring.
He does not play for fantasies.
He is a scoring matching.
So far for 2019-2020 season he scored 10 goals for 7 matches played.
Watching the game yesterday, you can see the speed he scored the second goal.
Navas jumped low, ball goes high.
He is still young though.

Dortmund purchase the right for him to play @ $20 million.
Betcha they may sell the right for double the amount.
You can witness his pure talent to score.
When asked about his prowess , he stated still working on getting better.
Still getting better!
I wonder for how long he will stay at Dortmund.
Maybe one more season and the value will skyrocket.
Can't wait for the next match

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