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It was almost six months ago we had Coco
taking the stage like crazy in the UK. She played
again in the US Open. Young Coco has been holding the Tennis
world hostage by her ability to play great tennis.
As you may see the ladies in the US do care for tennis competition.
Where are the like of Sampras?

So far we have the ladies to show prowess for the US.
Coco did play Venus the last time and won. It was the first round then.
This time in Australia, Coco will play Venus again.
She won again. Clearly Venus was playing just to play.

She is just recovering from injuries
and Coco is playing really hard tennis.
I am not sure what age you need to stop playing but Venus peak is heading
South. So far I am pleased she continue to participate and who knows
how deep she can go.

Venus did push to win the first set.
Resilient Coco did not let go and won the set 7-6.
the second set was more quick with a score 6-3.
At the end Coco was not sure the game was over.
The youth plays tennis better. Serena still got it and her power
is impressive.

Next match Coco will play Sorana Cirstea.
Be 15, play to win. Play for fun. Have your dad
as the coach. This is the best in life while you are in school
home school Coco is earning a living in the most funniest way.

Coco got to travel the world and enjoy doing sport. It may look easy for many
a lot of training is involve to get Coco ready for this moment.
Got to say Coco wants to be there and play tennis.
Keep it going Coco.
Stay fit

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