Please bench @ahtasham12 and @zainansari.stare

8개월 전

Looks like @ahtasham12 is created only for farming.

He made one vote the last 14 days and that goes to .... 100% self vote!

Outgoing vote diversity = 0!

The account was created in on December 2017 and he has zero comments so far.

Basically his implication is close to zero. He's posting to get voted by @zainansari.stare, who is no other than

Yes, that's right, @shahzad01, who's been banned for farming, plagiarizing and all the other abuses you can think of.

@ahtasham12 has zero tokens staked, all the earnings go to the market.

I'm asking my fellow referees to check facts and vote if they think I'm right.

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Absolutely. Anything and everything even remotely linked to Shazhad goes down as far as I'm concerned


Thank you.

These accounts have been sent to the penalty box.