Please bench the following 11 accounts

10개월 전

Please bench the following accounts for farming: @orilowo, @brosjay, @oloriyomi, @tobyja, @adebless2241, @gentrywemimo, @macaronibu, @pablocastro, @shacole, @honestwoman, @funlovinggirl.

Screenshot of @orilowo's wallet. All the above accounts are transferring sports tokens to this account.

Screenshot of @funlovinggirl's replies, who was posting translated articles without any reference to the original source.

Screenshot of @honestwoman's comment section. This account has a reputation of -3.

@pablocastro is part of the farming ring operated by @tatase, who's been benched here. You can check his wallet to see the transfers.

@macaronibu is also part of @tatase's ring and has been transferring sports tokens to @kendricko as well, benched here.

@gentrywemimo also banned by Steencleaners for plagiarism, part of @tatase's ring.

@adebless2241 also banned by Steemcleaners but he continued plagiarizing.

@tobyja, @oloriyomi, @brosjay banned by Steemcleaners but he continued plagiarizing and spamming.

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These accounts have been sent to the penalty box.