Bundesliga using fake crowd noise and it is actually pretty great

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When I heard that Bundesliga was considering fake crowd noise during their broadcasts I thought that it was stupid. I was thinking "What is this? a sitcom?" but at the same time I also thought the electricity of the game would be dramatically diminished if it was simply completely silent during then entire 90 minutes.

The league decided to use the noise on a trial run and much to my and I think most other people's surprise, the notion simply works.


There's going to be a lot of people that hate it and trust me, there are. Youtube is loaded with people complaining about it. The piped in sounds are not audible in the stadium at all and since there aren't actually any fans at all allowed to go to the matches, any goals or other accomplishments are met with the same silence that failures are. I wonder what is going on inside the player's heads during a completely quiet match that normally would have 10's of thousands of fans screaming the entire time?


Personally, I feel as though they have gone over the top with the precautions but even though I think a lot of the fear of this virus is unwarranted, I would much rather have some sports to watch, even if I don't like them and with no crowd than to have a packed stadium that results in a few deaths and then no sports are allowed at all because of it.

The match took place between RB Leipzig and Mainz and I would be lying if I said I knew anything about either one of these teams. I don't personally follow soccer at all and if I did, it wouldn't be this league. What they are doing is very important regardless, because if they can pull this off without any sort of outbreak (either real or fabricated by the media) then it will open the door for sports that I actually do enjoy.

Because of copyright, I can't actually find any clips that I can post without there being potential for problems so if you care, you'll just have to take my word for it.

The audio is not broadcast in the stadium so there is no favoritism shown to the home team. The people in the match have no idea when the "crowd" goes wild and therefore they are not subjected to any sort of distraction that can be considered a home field advantage.

How do you feel about this? I thought it was a silly decision to do it until I watched a game that featured it. Now you can say that I am on board with this. I do hope that we can return to actual crowd noise before too long though because you know the crowd is fake unless you are a little kid and really, even they probably know the difference.

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i wonder if they will do this for other sports. I think it would be pretty funny if they do but lately when I am watching UFC I find the dead silence in the arena to be very very strange


yeah but i think it matters less in fighting sports than in places where the energy of the crowd kind of drives the overall spirit of the game.