How Would Champions LEAGUE Return leg be like

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Last week Tuesday and Wednesday was really tough, amazing and really shocking.
Last week featured the champions league round of sixteen phase 1 were lots of unpredicted scores happened. Most games, if not all were really shocking and even professional Because most teams played to their best but some ended with a really frustrating win but some ended a draw.

Like for instance, the match between Real Madrid and Manchester City, the match initially was a goal to nothing by the Madrid side until everything changed in the 70's minutes of the game which Gabriel Jèsus scored the first goal for Manchester City from an assist from Kelvin Debruyne around the 75th minutes and another goal was scored through a penalty during the 80's minutes of the match. The match was really shocking because I didn't believe Manchester City could equalise and add another goal.
Leaving Manchester City aside, Dortmund even trashed PSG to a two goals to one which they scored their second goal sharply has PSG equalise the first goal from Neymar. This are just the little I could talk about but many matches which their scores were unpredictable happened last week Tuesday and Wednesday.
Well, the first phase of round of sixteen has gone so we are getting prepared for the second phase and most teams are really going to look into that because once they loose they are out for good and no other alternative until next season.
So let's see what happens next week Tuesday and Wednesday for the second phase of champions league round of sixteen
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