A call to those who are receiving less than 3k per post

2개월 전

Anybody who are receiving less than 3000 every post. This message is for you. I can upvote you using my very small power.

If you feel like nobody is seeing your post and that you knew that you are good, I can give you upvote.

Just comment the link of the post you wanted upvote and will check on it. Still we need to stick and abide with the rules of the platform. I don’t need to reiterate the rules because we already know what are those.

I will upvote until I reach 80% voting power and come back again the next day.

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I salute you for thinking of all who adhere to the principles of #sportstalksocial.
Keep on giving.

Good on you, glad you are taking the initiative to spread some love

This is a good initiative buddy. If I'll see a great result on this, for sure I'll be hopping in :)


Thanks but nobody have seen my call out yet. But I am manually looking for those good posts that has less than 3k rewards.

Great thinking and initiative bro keep it up


And for this kind gesture you are automatically added to my steemauto to always get my small vote

Dear @yohann, frankly speaking i do not know how it is working this tribe because i started somehow well getting over 1,000 sports upvotes, than suddenly i've got worth of hundrends and it make me very disappointed, so i decided to ask if someone is interested to get my staked 7,000 sports plus 2,000 liquid because i do not what to do with them, here is post: https://steemit.com/palnet/@intellihandling/token-delegation
If you give me some reason to do not it, i will follow you...


Why not continue posting sports topic and comment the link in my call out posts. This way you increase your staked sports.

Any content shared under #sportstalk should be in relation to sports in some fashion or another. Any posts that don’t tie back to our vision will be considered spam and should not be supported. Community Guidelines