Bought some things for basic needs before the arrival of Ramadan.



Friends, we are Muslims and our Ramadan month is a very supreme month and we keep all Muslims fast in this month, for which we are preparing ourselves. Today I went to the shop to get the basic necessities of my house from where I bought all the things which are going to be used in the home, if we do not take care of these things then we may have to face a lot of difficulty.


If we bring those basic needs as much entitlement as possible in 1 month, we do not need the whole month and anything else, then it is the best thing because most people get salary only for 1 month, so if we completely purchase these things then we do not face hardships.


We must first prepare a list of our basic needs in which we should write all the necessary things so that we do not forget anything, we can avoid this very difficult and because when we make a list, then we can not forget it. So my advice is that we should first make a list that will be helpful for us.


Many of you must have done this already, they have the idea that if we make a list before buying anything, then it is easy for us to go to the market and buy things because if we miss anything, then we have to go again for this.

Nowadays, every man has a shortage of time because every man is very busy in his works, so we should make it our life disciplined.




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