Wheat crop harvesting in our area.

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HelloHello Steemit Friend,

Today I am going to tell you about the harvesting of the wheat in our area. Nowadays the wheat in our area is on the harvesting climax.


Friends, in our Pakistan, wheat sowing is common and it is used a lot, in our country wheat is sown in winter and after 6 months its harvesting starts. We eat Pakistani wheat roti and it is used in almost every eatables, grain is very useful for our body.


Today I will show you the harvesting of wheat, how people in our area do the wheat harvester in a simple way. When wheat is harvested, it is used in food for many animals made from it, so people always adopt this simple method.

You can also tell about the complete harvesting of wheat crop in your area, which method is used, in this way in our area, most of the wheat crop are harvested in the same way.


Apart from this, there is a way in our area that the wheat is harvested through the harvester machine, it is a very fast way and many people also adopt it. But apart from the grains of wheat waste made from this, there is no use for anything instead of burning.


I hope you are very happy to know that this method wheat harvesting is used in our area.





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