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Dear Sri Lankans in Steemit,

With #the1000daysofsteem project, Steemit team is now ready to delegate 5000 SP for country representatives to help the members from their countries.

We are looking to appoint Country Representatives who will help identify people on Steem from their country and work with them to grow their presence on Steam.

To help with this we will be awarding each Representative an initial direct delegation of 5000 SP, with the potential to increase this to 10,000 SP depending on performance.


Under that Sri Lanka will also receive a delegation for a particular country representative. All the Sri Lankan steemians are invited to stay active as possible with quality content to get maximum benefits from this opportunity.

Also we would like you to make an open request to join the diary game phase 2 which will start on 1st of August. We already have a team and we can increase our contribution by making a second team. As the deadline for registering teams is due today, we have to make a quick decision about a team. Please comment below if you like to initiate a second team.

This is a good opportunity to increase your rewards and reputation. Even if you don't have a team still you can participate in the diary game. Especially South Asia will receive the Community Curator account, @steemcurator07 soon with 200K SP and we are open to receive more reward up-to quality of the content.

If you are a new commerce, Minnow or an inactive user for more than 1 year, we suggest going through New Comer's Community to have a good foundation.

Finally, we highly expect your help to gather all Sri Lankans into one place as for ease of helping each other. If you know some one really active in steemit, but not in the following list please help us to find them for future use.
Active : Having at least 2 posts or comments during last 7 days, or involve in curating.



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I love to join the diary game from which starts this augast ! can somebody help me how to start that ..


Yeah sure.😀

It is easy. What you have to do is creating a post every day by presenting what you did on that day. Use minimum 300 words. You can include up to 8 photos too.

You can participate individually. If you can gather a team, there is a team price too. It is not a must.

To start, just post your first diary post at the evening/night on 1st of August. Use correct tag, #thediarygame 😊 Also vote and comment on other's.

You will reward by @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator07 according to quality of the post. Winners will select at the end of the 50 days.

Rules for Diary Game

P.S Today is the last day to publish a team. Please refer above post


Thank you very much


See ya today :)


We love to see you there😻


Will join from today !


Hello friends I'm Dilshan from Galle. and I like to join your team.
I'm not active recently but when I saw this post I hope to help my country team.


OMG! How I missed you. I'm sorry about it. The deadline for establishing teams is now passed. We can't publish a team after July 31st. But you can still participate individually.


that's ok. thanks for the info friend.


Hi @dilshan1000 Even though we unable to register a team now, you can still join the #thediarygame. Hope you know what you have to do. Please join. Your effort will not waste.

If you replied yesterday we could make a team😔. But teams are not compulsory. The prize pot for individuals is 5000STEEM. See you at the game! And I appreciate it if you stay for long in steem this time. Keep connecting with other Sri Lankans too.

Don't forget to join the latest challenges initiated by @steemitblog.


thank you for info

@tipu curate 🐣🐣🐣


You have been upvoted by randulakoralage the Country Representative from SRI LANKA we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator07 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community and other writing challenges and contest such as The diary game

Also join LUCKY 10S