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 We have 3 videos and a blog for you this week covering different aspects and skill levels of Excel, Power Query, and DAX.  You will also find our first DAX learn and earn activity  I hope you enjoy reading or watching this week's content and taking part in the learn and earn activity

VIDEO - Excel

Advanced filter in Excel - How to Extract data from a table with 1 criterion

Learn how to Extract data from a table based on 1 criterion using Excels Advanced filter feature. This is an awesome trick when working with large tables of data and you need to only really work with a subset of the table. This is the old school way of extracting data from a table in Excel as in pre-Excel 365.  Excel 365 offers different solutions for this, however many have not yet moved to Excel 365 and this trick remains as important as ever

VIDEO - Power Query 

Find your way around Excels Power Query with this orientation lesson 

Powerquery is an amazing tool in Excel that will allow you to connect to data and transform that data into a useable format. however, when you are new to power query, the new ribbons and interface might be a little daunting. But fear not, because, in this video, we are going to take a guided tour around Powerquery

 Article & Video  

 DAX AND OR IN or syntax(&& ||) – Which one? 

Learn how to create a conditional statement in DAX using AND, OR, IN and the syntax && and || then put it into practice by downloading the workbook and you have the option to carry out a learn and earn activity

Learn and Earn Activities

Here at The Excel Club we offer something truly unique.  A chance to earn tokens while you learn.  This week is the first week we have published a DAX learn and earn activity to add to our library. You can find out more about our learn and earn activities here

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