Qurator Photo Quest - Macro Photography - Rain Drops

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I'm submitting these photos for Qurator's photo contest for macro photography. You can find the post here if you'd like to participate.

Both of these photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The phone is getting outdated and causing me some problems with battery issues, but I loathe to put it to rest because I love the camera it has!

After a refreshing rain, I had gone out to my front porch and snapped the top photo of my Boston fern sitting in a pot between my rocking chairs. I was delighted to find I'd captured a reflection in the rain drop!

The second photo was taken just a few minutes after the first one of my decorative grass in the front lawn landscaping. I just admired how the drops were collected on the stems.

I'm no professional photographer with no understanding of lights and attachments and expensive cameras, but I enjoy looking at nature through my camera. It makes me appreciate my surroundings that I would otherwise take for granted just by the action of looking for an interesting photo. And then the moment is preserved, for as long as I want to keep it.




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not bad quality for a samsung, gl in it


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