Here’s the entire Fortnite Travis Scott concert



The first of Travis Scott’s in-game Astronomical Fortnite concerts has come to a close. The concert will be held four more times, but if you just want to watch, some of the players at the first concert have already uploaded it to YouTube. But it’s probably best experienced in person.

The concert’s virtual doors opened up about 30 minutes before the event, which gave players time to dodge the crowds that shuffled in close to the start and caused some minor log-in snags on Epic’s servers. While everyone was waiting around they could explore the staging area and even build their own custom boxes to watch from, supposing no rude players decided to knock them down.

Once the event actually began, an alien speaker flew through the air and crashed onto the stage. After a few seconds of darkness a massive Travis Scott turned the entire Fortnite island into a stage. The performance, of course, started with Sicko Mode, before Scott performed a few more of his hits and a brand new song. Throughout each performance the effects around Scott changed, treating players to backup dancers made of fire and lighting, a dance that shifted the ground, and finally a tour through space.

For players that still want to get in on the action themselves, there are still four other times to watch the concert live. All of the future concerts will be encores featuring the same set list and effects, so that everyone has a chance to watch.

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