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I just realized that it been a while since I wrote my splinterlands post. Last season was very bad for me. I couldn't spend enough time every day to complete quests and most of the time my Energy capture rate was always at 100 %. Tournaments were never my thing at all and nowadays quests are also getting difficult for me. I have to find a way to spend some time every day to play a few games and grab that DEC rewards that we get every day. Every little matter after all for the investment that I have made already on this game.

I didn't have any big excitement in opening the season end reward this time because I did not play well this season. That somewhat made me not feel very great about the rewards. But when I started opening the rewards the first chest itself gave me 236 DEC which was a good start. But after that, it was all the usual stuff. The portions that are not even going to be giving me any use. I even tried purchasing a few untamed packs to make use of the portions but there was no big luck. So, I personally wouldn't consider portions as a great reward at all.




I received one Essence orb from the quest reward. That is really something because I get a new opportunity to open it and get some extra cards. There again the portions that had did not do any magic. It was all just normal cards. I just have to be a little happy about one Epic card that I received from the loot chests. Other than that the rewards were not very amusing. Overall this season rewards were a normal experience and not something that I would remember forever. My luck had always been in the daily quest rewards. That is where I got my 3 gold foil legendary cards. Season end rewards are always like this and no wonder about it.

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