CSR Classic

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CSR Classics is a free-to-play drag-racing game.

In the game, the player takes the role of a new racer looking to make a name for themselves in a city resembling Las Vegas, which is ruled by five racing crews.


The story line consists of a racer with their agent trying to prove the seemingly corrupt Mr. Baladin of his guilt, who has worked their way into a business magnate behind the scenes.

The player starts off by being found by an agent, who recruits the player.

The player then goes through a tutorial of the game, the player receives a sum of money sufficient for them to purchase their first vehicle, afterwards meeting the Race Official of the CSR Classics universe.

The player is guided through the various events throughout the game, and starts challenging their first crew, the Authentics, led by Marco.

As the player starts to challenge Marco personally after defeating his crew members, the Agent approaches the player and explains to them her suspicion of Mr. Baledin, who recently became the top Crew Leader and purchased The Valentine, a massive casino.

The agent's suspicion is that Mr. Baledin is corrupt, and that the crew leaders have some involvement with his reign of power.


The agent reveals Marco to be a tearaway child and a thief, and also having a romantic affair with another crew leader, Kandy. However, how that ties to Mr. Baledin is yet to be known.

The player proceeds to defeat Marco and the Authentics, progressing to Tier 2.

In Tier 2, the player proceeds to challenge the Thrillers, commandeered by Olivia. As the player continues to challenge Olivia, the agent tells the player about Olivia's background: Olivia runs a car show under the same name, which, after having experienced severe financial troubles, came to Mr. Baledin for a loan.


However, the loan did little to help their financial situation, and Olivia's car show became in debt to Mr. Baledin. Olivia and her associates agreed to race for Mr. Baledin to make up for the loss.

The player defeats Olivia and the Thrillers, moving onto Tier 3.

The player starts challenging Lord Aziz and the High Rollers, the Tier 3 crew.

After having beaten Lord Aziz's crew and starting to challenge Lord Aziz himself, the agent informs the player of Lord Aziz: Lord Aziz inherited the wealth of his father, who recently passed.

Being a large gambler, Lord Aziz lost all of his father's wealth playing Baccarat, and blamed Mr. Baledin for having rigged his Baccarat games.

Despite now working under Mr. Baledin's rule, Lord Aziz highly despises Mr. Baledin. The player defeats Lord Aziz and the High Rollers, now having made it into Tier 4.


The player's next crew to defeat is the Tier 4 crew, the Lucky 7's, with Kandy being its ringleader. The player defeats Kandy's crew members and proceeds to challenge her.

The agent shines light upon Kandy: despite her romantic relationship with Marco, Kandy has been seen multiple times flirting with Mr. Baledin.

It is later revealed that Marco and Kandy performed a heist on The Valentine itself, with Mr. Baledin having caught the duo. Instead of alerting them to authorities, Mr. Baledin blackmailed Kandy and Marco into working for him.


The player defeats Kandy for the last time and proceeds into Tier 5.

In Tier 5, the player starts challenging The House, which is under Mr. Baledin's rule.

The player defeats Mr. Baledin's crew and starts to challenge the leader of the CSR Classics universe by themselves. The agent informs the player of a plan to arrest Mr. Baledin: the player would distract Baledin by continuously racing him, allowing authorities to prepare a trap at The Valentine for Mr. Baledin, allowing for an easy arrest.


After defeating Mr. Baledin for the third and final time, Mr. Baledin is shown in custody. The agent then talks with the player, informing them that the CSR Classics league unanimously elected Marco to become the new leader of the league, vowing to ameliorate it.

The player is also congratulated by the former crew leaders for their victory against the secretly despised Mr. Baledin. However, the player is shown a discussion between a now jailed Mr. Baledin, and a formerly unknown client.

They discuss how their plan was executed perfectly, and it is revealed that Marco is on the other end of the line, is actually behind all this business.

CSR Classics's single-player component is split into five tiers, with each tier introducing progressively faster opposition and vehicles.


Before the player gets to challenge the boss for that level, the player must first beat the boss' crew. To move on to a new tier, the player must race and beat the crew boss for the level.

After beating the boss of each level three times, the player will be challenged to a high-stakes rematch. If the player wins the race, they are awarded the boss's car and the car is one tier above the tier your in; however, if the player loses, they must give back the prize gold won from the previous boss race.


Unlike a traditional racing game, CSR Classics does not feature steering, braking or acceleration controls. Instead, the game focuses on timing gear changes and use of the nitrous upgrade by tapping the screen, in a similar fashion to a rhythm game.

When a player comes to buy a car, they can choose between unloved and loved cars. Unloved cars have no upgrades and are usually able to be purchased via the main form of in-game currency, whereas Loved cars come equipped with several upgrades, but always mandate the usage of more valuable in-game currency.

Loved cars can also be won from Multiplayer via prize cars or by building them from car pieces, then purchasing the Loved version of it for a reduced price

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