Holybread Gameplay #32

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Greetings, how are you? Over here with a post renewing the progress of my Holybread account. Holybread.io is a very entertaining game with characters and an interesting gameplay dynamic, try it, you will surely love it. Soon there will be new improvements and voting options among other things to add, you can read that information in the developers blog. It is necessary to emphasize that these have done and are doing great things for us their players.

My balance

Starting with a value of:

Arriving at the end of the day with a value of:

It should be noted that the increase was not substantial in gold because I am still looking for more experience for the hero, because I am saving large amounts for a series of improvements in the areas of the same, even more for the new heroine Valentine. I have noticed that as the ranking goes up the gold awards are increasing, I do not know if this has to do proportionally with the level of experience of the heroes but it is something particular that I have noticed, later as the days go by and I continue to see this event I will be able to comment on this.

My position in the ranking

Speaking of ranking, I started at 129th.

Today I dropped another position to position 130. I was only in 2 battles that I won both of them. It's good to know that little by little I was able to get out of the rut, despite the fact that these days I've dropped a bit from the top position I had, because little by little I'm going to advance my goal of going up.

So the balance of promotion comes to be placed in 434 positions climbed from the post number 1 of the series.


In the history of battles we appreciate that I have been attacked and both battles which I lost, I could only attack twice getting in both victories, but despite going up I need to continue with the theory that it takes a series of substantial improvements in skills and equipment as the opponents have more and more surprising levels with respect to the ability of my heroes, but gradually as I go out in the coffers more powerful objects can make them more powerful. With this I hope to progressively surpass the rank in which I found myself so I can soon go up a little more to have a better position in that ranking.

My heroes

Donovan, Rosemarie and Valentine, being in that order the primary, second and third. Donovan and Rosemarie's special skill is to give 5% more life, while Valentine allows 10% more damage to herself.

Donovan currently has these figures:

HP: 18,674 (+0 increase)

Damage: 1554 (+0 increase)

Rosemarie for her part:

HP: 13,104 (+0 increase)

Damage: 433 (+0 increase)

Valentine has these numbers so far:

HP:6,680 (+0 increase)

Damage: 441 (+0 increase)

During the day, I managed to raise Donnovan's experience level by one level.

It should be noted that little by little Valentine is taking the way to be a great warrior of my team, I propose to make it the second in the team of 3... Soon more from Valentine, Donovan and Rosemarie.

Thank you for reading my post and for supporting them, I hope to see you soon in this series and other posts that are coming ✌

All images of my post except the Holybread.io logo were taken from my personal account at Holybread.io and uploaded to a server for later publication here.

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