Entrepreneurship/job opportunities in steem games

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Hi Fellow Steemians.

I guess most of you are already aware of the fact that nextcolony already shut down the servers and open sourced the code.


You can get more details in this post.
If you are developer then you can contact the few players in their defunct discord that were one time willing to share the hosting cost but unfortunately no one is development position to support the game.

Next steem game that is in lookout for developer is holybread.


Actually current development team is unable to further support the game and @abrockman is in deal (may be completed or in progress) for acquiring this game. He is also looking for the developer to support this game. Below is the screenshot of his annoucement from holybread discord.


I really wish that someone can takeover these game and keep them running.

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Such a shame to see these games shut down when they are so young!!
I hope they find some devs to pick up the baton as we need as much choice as possible to attract more players!

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