Splinterland weekly Challenge battle using Giant Squid

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This weeK share your battle challenge featured Giant Squid.


Till now, I have never paid attention to this card so when the challenge featured this card, I decided to do a "stats check" of this card.


Giant Squid do not have any special ability till level 3 and have "blind" ability from level 4 onwards. It got additional ability of "weaken" on max level.

I will say 2 attack ,1 armor and 4 HP for a level 1 card is really nice. "Blind" ability of card is also very useful and I think "Blind" is the very powerful ability in rule set like "Lost Magic".

I also notice that there is not much difference in stats of level 1 of cards vs level 3 of card. So I decided to go with level 1 of this card with the idea of using this card instead of "Highland Archer".

So when in one of my battle when I got combination of "Equalizer + odd one out" ruleset, I immediately made up mind for using Water splinter Alric Stormbringer, Water Elemental and Giant squid card .(5 mana of this card nicely fits on :odd one out " ruleset.)

I was expecting that my opponent is also going to use water splinter but my opponent decided to use Fire splinter Malric Inferno.

So this become the contest between Alric Stormbringer vs Malric Inferno.

But still one of my prediction come true that opponent will be going to use Lord Arianthus in first position and this is the reason I was avoiding the magic attack and adding Giant Squid for my lineup fits perfectly. Below is the screenshot of teams in order.


Battle lasted for 7 rounds and let see how the battle moved forward with each round.


This is the screenshot with all the summoner and monsters abilities activated. I really find myself lucky here that I am not using any magic monster.


No one lost any monster in round 1 but I am making progress here because HP of all my monster are max and that is not the case with my opponent.


Now it is clear that I am going for the kill.


I have taken the first one and almost ready to take second one too.


So I bring down 2 more monster while all of my monsters are still in quite a good shape.


Demolition completed in this round.
If you want to view the battle, then you can view it here.(https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=7a60d34d3fdb651576d68ab06b3d821f23a87c51&ref=r1s2g3)

What I learnt about Giant squid.

It is really a very nice card to be used in "Lost Magic" ruleset and I am going to use it in my future battle if I again encounter "odd one out" ruleset in lieu of Mischevious Mermaid if I fear opponent might use magic reflect or void in first position.

If you are not a splinterland's player then feel free to join it here.


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