[Splinterlands] Some cheap/versatile card that might be missing in your Fire splinter lineup

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There are many cards in splinterlands having different stats all having different capablities.
Some cards are very versatile and very useful in most of the situations. I thought of throwing some light on the cards that are very cheap and very versatile on Fire Splinters.

Let me talk about these cards.



This 1 mana card is available in market for less than 25 DEC per card. Since this is a rewards cards so it is very high chance that you already have got this cards in rewards. 1 mana cards are very useful in low mana battle and they can be used at tail very effectively to protect your nice attacking card having low HP from sneak attack. It has armor repair ability at level 5 (that I do not think any other fire card have) and in max level it give you swiftness too.
I will say everyone should have this card. (at least a single copy).



One can argue how living lava is better than Serpentine Soldier? If you go head to head between living lava and serpentine soldier then you may be right because serpentine soldier have high swiftness and have added dodge capability that will make very difficult for living lava to hit it. But it look closely when you against magic attack these stats do not matter, if opponent team have Goblin shaman + Flame imp then it is quite possible that serpentine soldier will be killed in round 1 only. Living lava has shield, much good health and high attack value. Though it lack swiftness and I think it can act as a cheap tank in fire battles. Since it swiftness is 1 for all the levels, this might be a killer card in "reverse speed" ruleset.



So what is deal with Ettin spearmean? Ettin spearman is a super cheap card, having attack value of 3 in level 1 (i.e very decent attack value in my opinion). It is very helpful in high mana battle and with the increasing level it get pierce and knock out ability too. In my opinion you should have this cards as it can be very good card in "monster loses all ability" or "when no melee attack" monsters are allowed. Fire lack the decent team of magic attack so I thing have a nice range attack in fire is a good option

Now few honorable mention.



This card is melee attack card and has very less health. It is not a very useful card under standard game condition but it become a killer card in ruleset like melee mayhem and super sneak. I also see some player are effectively using this card in "Equalizer" rule set too.



This is not cheap card as such but still I am mentioning it here. I consider this card as "value for money" in fire splinter. With high swiftness and having abilities like retaliate , poison and piercing (in higher levels), this card is really a game changer. At lvl 1, it has 9HP for 6 mana. I am convinced to put this epic card in list of "must have" fire cards.

These are my pick of cards in Fire Splinter team. Please add if you think any other card that is worthy of adding here.
And yes,share(resteem) ,upvote and comments are welcome.

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Great choices! These are some of my tops too!
I always forget that the sweet little monkey has repair at level 5!

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