Splinterlands weekly challenge battle : Javelin Thrower

6개월 전

This week splinterland teams put the challenge of winning battle using JAVELIN THROWER.
I always found Javelin thrower useful because of it's high swiftness and piercing ability.

So when I got the battle of ruleset of "Unprotected + Keep your distance" , I was just wondering whether I go with Water Summoner or Earth Summoner and I decided to go with Earth summoner.


So My team in order:

Summoner : Lyanna Natura
Team in order: Lord Arianthus,Spirit Miner,Wood Nymph, Javelin thrower.

Let's share my thought of choosing my team.

Lyanna Natura.png

I was in fix for using Alric Stormbringer and launch a heavy magic attack but somehow my inner feeling told me that opponent is also expecting the same and I have to encounter "void" and "reflect" ability and that will backfire me. I am also banking on +1 health given by Lyanna and silenced summoner + poison attack by Mushroom seer.

Lord Arianthus.png

It has shield,void and reflect and nice health. I have no reason to not to select it as my tank. Even my opponent also selected it as tank.

Spirit Miner.png

Spirit miner has "dodge","swiftness" and "blind" ability. "swiftness" and "blind" are team ability and I thought it will be very nice to have 2 very useful team abilities.

Wood Nymph.png

Wood Nymph is a healer, A healer healing the tank can make game difficult for opponent.

Mushroom Seer.png

Mushroom has "Silence" and "poison" ability. "Silence" affect the whole opponent team and poison is a very deadly weapon.

Javelin Thrower.png

Javelin thrower has nice attack and very swiftness with "Dodge" ability so it is first to attack and able to dodge the attack getting launched on tail by opponent.

So Opponent team in order:

Summoner : Tyrus Pladium.
Team in order: Lord Arianthus,Prismatic Energy,Divine Sorceress, Peace Bringer and Air Elemental.

Now we move to the battle as it progress.


This is how the team formation look like at the start.


My Mushroom seer strikes the opponent lord Arianthus with poison at round 1, that is now going to turn the battle in my favor.


Opponent Lord Arianthus is down while my tanks looks healthy.


I think result is now very obvious to everyone.


Let's complete the formality.


Nice result for me, as I reached to Champion 3 league.

If you also want to experience this game and take part in the challenges, then you can join the battle here

My link to battle


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