Broken Age


Broken Age is an interesting game because it was a Kickstarter Project.

Broken Age is a point-and-click adventure game, where you control a character who can be directed to move about the screen, examine objects, and talk to non-player characters to learn more about the game world.


There are two playable characters, each located in seemingly separate worlds; you switch from one character to the other via the game's interface at any time, but otherwise these characters do not interact in any direct way.

Broken age employs context-sensitive actions instead of using verb lists as early adventure games would use, as Schafer stated that in essence, "there really was always one verb, which was 'interact with'" and opted for the more modern approach.


Each character has separate item inventories as they collect objects; items can then be used by dragging them onto context-sensitive areas on the screen or combined with other inventory items.

Broken Age began under the working title Double Fine Adventure as a Kickstarter crowd-funded project promoted by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions in February 2012.


Though originally a goal of only $400,000 was set to cover the costs of development and documentary filming, Broken Age became the largest crowd-funded video game project at the time, raising over 3.45 million dollars from more than 87,000 backers within the month.


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