Syberia II


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Syberia II is a third-person, mouse-driven adventure game.


In Syberia II you must solve various puzzles and follow certain procedures in order for the linear storyline to proceed.

It is a pure graphical adventure game, and it follows the guidelines first introduced by LucasArts: it is impossible to die or to get stuck at any moment in the game, which allows you to become fully immersed in Syberia's universe without the fear of making a mistake or the constant need to save the game.


It begins following the events of Syberia with the law firm that American lawyer Kate Walker worked for in New York, calling in a private detective.

The firm instructs the detective to locate and find Walker since heading out to oversee a business takeover of an automaton toy factory, who has since abandoned her job, hoping to appease her family in bringing her back home.

In the fictional Russian town of Romansburg, Kate provides assistance for eccentric inventor Hans Voralberg, who seeks to find living prehistoric mammoths, and his automaton train engineer Oscar, by prepping his specially crafted clockwork train with coal. Shortly after completing this, Hans falls ill, forcing Kate to seek treatment from him at a nearby monastery perched on a clifftop.
When Kate learns that the patriarch believes he cannot be cured and decides he should be given spiritual salvation, she opts to find a cure for Hans, learning about a friend of his who uncovered information on Youkol medicine.


Finding his notebook hidden in the monastery, Kate recreates the medicine and uses it to treat Hans, before being forced to create an escape route for the pair when the patriarch refuses to let them leave. Returning to Romansburg, Kate agrees to take a mechanical part to a local tavern and repair an automaton device he created there for its owner. Upon completing the task, Kate hears the train leaving the station, and learns that two locals, brothers Ivan and Igor, hijacked with the intention of reaching the fabled island of Syberia, so as to profit from harvesting mammoth ivory.

Forced to pursue them, Kate makes use of a railroad gangcar, used for maintenance, which she powers with a friendly Youki - an animal that is part seal, part bear, with dog-like traits.


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