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Tristana is the master of League of Legends. Tristana is considered to be a typical example of a killer who is a champion who always appreciates the strength at the end of the game with skills and attacks that normally damage all the armor of the champions. beaten has a very high damage combination, often a target hit by Tristana 's skills that can be defeated or near death. Here I will talk about Tristana skills and plays

Recently, Tristana appeared in the Jungle role in the Summoner's Rift, Riot recently recreated the jade, in the position of ADC or Jungle Tristana are strong when the speed increases over time of "Rapid Fire" Tristana combined with Press the Attack, Tristana transformed from ADC into true killer.

Now I will talk about the benefits of the game, to tell you about League of Legends. For those of you who do not know about League of Legends, I will summarize the game to tell you about the game and everything you need to know. I hope that with your review, you will like this in general.



Greatness is not bound by shape or size, and this tiny Yordle Gunner is a very clear demonstration of that. In a world filled with gunpowder, Tristana never succumbs to challenges. She represents the military's standards, resilience, and endless optimism. For Tris and his gun, Boomer, each task is an opportunity to prove that the hero really exists.

The Veigar, Lulu, Teemo, ... are the generals representing the Yordle.
This is a dwarf tribe, standing on two feet, with many different skin colors and shapes of the same size. Men of Yordle have more hairy bodies than females. This tribe usually lives in its own land but has close relationships with human nations, such as Demacia. Yordle is often known for his intelligence and unexpected raid skills.

Although small, the Yordle tribe is known for its bravery, even a little crazy and extreme. You can easily see this in the nicknames of the Yordle generals. For example, with Poppy the Steel Messiah and now the Hammer Holder, Corki is a Pilgrim, ...and Tristana is no exception



TRISTANA in the game is a passive in his position like the ADC.TRISTANA is very strong with her attacks at a distance when fighting occurs. TRISTANA has the potential to cause very high damage to the defending champion. Varus is also considered a pretty annoying killer. Some players have taken her to major tournaments as ADC. Through the objects If you choose TRISTANA in the game, try to try to structure and support your good teammate with the versatile skills from her.

Draw a Bead


Tristana's first skill is "Draw a Bead", which allows Tristana to increase physical damage inflicted on "Explosive Charge" targets and, more importantly, to increase Tristana's hit range over time.

This gives Tristana a far better offensive position than the other gunners, for this pre-season Tristana is very strong with his own intrinsic.

Rapid Fire

Tristana's second ability is "Rapid Fire". This ability gives Tristana increased attack speed when activated, This ability gives Tristana the ability to fire very fast on enemies that activate recombinant jade Press the Attack

Rocket Jump


Tristana's third ability is "Rocket Jump", where Tristana jumps to the target location, dealing Magic Damage to all nearby enemies as they collide, slowing them down if Tristana supports defeating a Rocket Jump. reset cooldown time

This ability allows Tristan to reach his target or run away

Explosive Charge


Tristana's Fourth ability is" Explosive Charge"
PASSIVE: Enemies explode when slain by Tristana's basic attacks, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies.

ACTIVE: Tristana places an explosive charge on the target enemy or enemy turret. After 4 seconds the charge explodes, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies. The explosion radius is doubled when used on a turret.

Tristana's basic attacks and abilities against the target increase Explosive Charge's damage by 30%, stacking up to 4 times for a maximum 120% increase, upon which the charge also detonates instantl

This ability allows Tristana to quickly deal damage to targets with 4 attacks.

Buster Shot

ristana last skill is "Buster Shot" . Tristana fires a massive cannonball at the target enemy, dealing them magic damage and knocking back the target and all enemies around them.

This ability gives Tristana the ability to stack damage or repel enemies to escape, which can help Tristana escape in the pursuit of another champion.


I think Tristana is ADC ranked first in the ADC.
Why is Tris standing so high in the ADC rankings?
First of all we will look at the elements of 1 adc
Beat speed

High damage to the generals such as Kog maw, vayne, Twitch, Draven, the ad has terrible damage, even wide area damage
Maneuver: Maneuver is a factor that makes the ad capable of self defense or chase, thus allowing yourself to maximize damage: Ez, Lucian, Vayne, Tristan

Attack speed to maximize damage: Kog maw, Twitch ...

Shooting range: Ability to deal damage in a safe location: Twitch, Kogmaw Tristana ....
Tris clearly possesses terrible traits such as Draven, Vayne, Twitch, or a tremendous fire speed like Kog maw, Twitch, but if you divide the elements by 4, Tris has three quarters of the level. Tris may not be the king of a factor, but Tris will be king if he says possesses 2/4 of the elements upwards.
This is really a great influence because an ad can have a tremendous amount of power at one element, but in a certain situation, another element needs to be weaker, for example, Vayne has great damage. Due to close range, Vayne vx may have difficulty vs Malzaha

Lol has 138 generals, each of the 5 generals, 1 ad will meet 387610812 with 5 different team arrangements, so if you own 3/4 to 4/4 all things like Tris, obviously the probability of Tris shining will be Bigger than the other ad

That's my argument, if you have any other ideas, leave a comment to me

Thank you for reading my article. This is Tristana video!


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