Final Fight Punches into Arcades – December 19th, 1989 – Today in Video Game History

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Final Fight by Capcom changed the way brawlers were viewed in arcades. Sure, Double Dragon was an inspiration, but Capcom went above and beyond with their entry. Characters are bigger, the audio blasts into your ears, and the challenge level is set right. Funnily enough, this started life as a sequel to Street Fighter before changing genres. Capcom had a hit, and they knew it, sadly it would be a one-time arcade release.


The story of the Final Fight

Set in the fictional Metro City, we learn of a gang trying to take over. The mayor, Mike Haggar, receives a phone call telling him his daughter was kidnapped. Worse, the caller has proof of this act. The Mad Gear Gang are drawing a line in the sand. This leaves Mayor Haggar only one choice – to lace up the butt kicking boots one more time.

He is not alone as his daughter’s boyfriend, Cody, and his rival, Guy, join the rescue mission. It is not going to be easy and this trio would not have it any other way.

Choices must be made

While there are three characters to choose from, you can only take two into battle at one time. It is interesting that Capcom did not release a three player version of Final Fight for arcades. Might have been too tough to balance the gameplay with a third player.

As with most quarter munchers of the time, your health is going to deplete rather quickly. You are simply not going to beat this game on one quarter.

You have two buttons and a joystick to use in Final Fight. One button jumps, the other attacks. If you press both at the same time though, you perform a special move. These are unique to each character. The common element is, they all cost some of your life to perform.

Games like Final Fight are all about getting another quarter out of your pocket.

Fairly linear gameplay

While there is a map of the city, your path is predetermined. You are not allowed to deviate from that path whatsoever. This kind of makes the map pointless. It does give a sense of where you are in the city though so there is that.

Levels are linear as well. While there are doors and hallways in the background, you cannot interact with them. You simply walk to the right and attack whatever comes onscreen. This is not a fault of Final Fight but of the genre itself.

Final Fight ports are aplenty

It is almost comical just how many ports of Final Fight there are. From the Super Nintendo to the Sega CD. Personal computers got in on the fun too fairing much better than other Capcom game ports. The Super Nintendo version received two versions of Final Fight – the original and Final Fight Guy. FFG took Cody out of the mix and gave gamers Guy instead. This version was still single player. Both Super Nintendo releases are probably the only single player options out of all the ports.

Final Fight is a game that Capcom keeps alive with ports to more modern hardware regularly. It is not hard to get a copy and for that, I am thankful of Capcom – I wish more companies were like this.

Where have you rocked the heads of the Mad Gear Gang? Let me know in the comments.

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