Perhaps this photo can represent curiosity about the types of squid that live in our waters in the luxury of the Malacca Strait

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You know about squid, a common marine animal investment. Is a sea animal that is loved and loved by everyone.
Apart from its good taste, these animals are easy to find in certain seasons for those who like fishing.
The squid is a unique animal because it has "legs" on its head. We know them as tentacles, these tentacles are around or around the mouth of this one animal. The number of tentacles present in most squids is about 10, with each tentacle having a sucker at the end. The body of this creature is cylindrical which tapers at the back.

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Yes, the name squid is an animal relative to octopus, as you know, octopuses have various weights, some are small and some are giant.

Here are some kind of squid photo. Perhaps this photo can represent curiosity about the kind of squid who lives in our waters in the luxury of the Malacca Strait.

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Guru..saya heran kenapa anda mencintai dunia perikanan sehingga cumi-cumi jadi salah satu korban kecintaan anda

Salam by @green07



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