The Diary Game Season 3 Better Life: 19 Desember 2020 The tough sailor will surely come home

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Greetings to the steemians wherever they are, hopefully they are always healthy and can do activities smoothly.....

Sailing across the vast ocean for a long time, facing challenges across the vast ocean are the colors of a sailor's life.

As a true sailor, boredom, boredom, longing for family at home is not a tough challenge for a sailor even though that feeling will one day hit a sailor who is carrying out his duties.

The following is a piece of a sailor poem full of motivation for a True Sailor to achieve all his dreams and come home proudly.

True Sailors Are Sure To Come Home!

O true sailors, sea explorers

Never a word, let alone a deterrent

Even though my boat cracked because of the waves

Even though the ship was torn apart by rocks

Oh true sailors, lord of the blue oceans

Heart of the sea as strong as a rock, make yourself

Later all the storms will pass

Still hope to meet again

True sailors are bound to return to the docks

Even though there are thousands of wounds all over his body

The ocean area must be leveled

Every wave moves looking for shore

When birds are seen flying on the horizon

The signal landed ahead, although it was faint

The hope of surviving again is more real

Immediately hurry to frontland

Immediately anchored on the shining blue pier

Even though it's only a small pier in the middle of the ocean

When you smell the earth

Rejoice, adventurous man

Throw anchor to get caught

Throw it to the bottom of the sea

Scroll and save all previous screens

Tie it tightly with a dead knot in your heart

The anchor fastened on the boat with a soldier's heart knot

In order not to lose the waves your ship is being dragged down

True sailors will come home

Even though there are thousands of storms in the way !!!

You are afraid to read the signal

But the end will come

even if you refuse, even if you say no

Because the heart is not full of intentions

shake steps

twisted circles groaning, In this darkness

I hit too

moonlight smile

Like a dream that I planted

on earth of gold

While the sun has set

I go out

and my wishes

late at night

The waves hit the beach
leaving all over the country
the wind that blows as if
gave messages from mainland across
the country

The breadth of your horizons increases
many legends
once you remain a jewel on this earth.

You have the life-giving Ashbab
creatures that need you
ocean oh ... sea though
you don't explode again

But your service will
I remember until
the sun doesn't shine






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