The Diary Game Season 3 | Better Life | Sunday May 23, 2021, Enjoying the atmosphere of a campfire in the fresh sea

Hello steemian, wherever you are, hopefully tonight will be full of joy for all of us and given good health, tonight I want to tell you about tonight's activity while waiting for a friend to come looking for a lauser shrimp that is looking for in a fresh sea by boat.


The hudang is enormous and is still alive, we can make decorations in aqua riyum, at night it is 00:00 am we immediately make the hudang with indomie with a sealakadar tool while enjoying the burning fire so that it doesn't get cold, the wind is very strong fortunately it didn't rain that night.



Togetherness that is extraordinary with the team every time we are in nature like this we are in nature, that's all for my short story tonight, hopefully I can visit senior senior steemians wherever you are, ask for advice and criticism you really need, right?
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