THE DIARY GAME SEASON - 3 : BETTERLIFE BY @jampok86 " 23 APRIL 2021 "|my activities when night falls

9개월 전

Good evening, STEEM SEA friends, wherever you are, you must be in good condition and always working on Steemit.

Well, on this occasion tonight I will share my posts about my activities at night, because I have no activities from the morning to the evening.


So, when night falls right after sunset before insha. I usually go from home to sell perfume in the Lhoksukon area, namely North Aceh. So the photo above is a photo where I want to get out of the house to go sell.


After that, a few minutes later I arrived at the location where I was selling perfume, which was in front of the Lhoksukon mosque, North Aceh. The second photo is a photo after I arrived in Lhoksukon and then we started selling perfume.


However, after we opened a few minutes later, we sat pensive and looked left and right while waiting for customers to come. Not long after, the customers arrived and we served them as well as possible.


After that, arriving at 23:30 WIB we started getting ready to return to our respective homes. Because we sell from 20:00 WIB to 23:30. That is my activity every night to earn money for a pack of cigarettes, because I am single.

Well, that's enough about my story every night and this is an activity that can be said to be boring because we wait for customers to come. Hopefully, all STEEM SEA friends are happy to see my posts so that I can share stories and my daily activities

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