THE DIARY GAME BY @JAMPOK86 ( 21 MEI 2021 ) BETTERLIFE | activities of young people during the day

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good afternoon friends, steemit and steemsea, wherever you are, you must be in good health and always under the protection of Allah SWT.


So, on the occasion this afternoon I will share my post about the activities of young people during this afternoon when I went out to the coffee shop.


well, my story today is when I went out looking for a cup of coffee in a shop in my village, suddenly I saw a group of young people in the shop who were busy with their respective smartphones.It turns out that some of them are fun with pubg games and some are fun watching videos on Tik Tok and some are having fun chatting. So, when I want to sit I feel like a stranger because they are all busy with their own games.well, so that's the young people who are in my village during the daytime, busy with their own games

So, just this about my post this afternoon, hopefully we will always share our stories on Steemit and Steemsea

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Greetings. That's the difference between tiktok and steemit friends. Disteemit we know a lot with great people, not only that, but various kinds of things we find on Steemit. We should find lessons and experiences in this steemit. Especially in steemse