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This is my first post in this wonderful community @steem-SEA.
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Hi all my steemian friends. How are you all? I am fine,hope you are also fine. Today i am going to share my days activities. 11/04/2021

Early morning

I usually wake up early in the morning for my morning prayer. I went to bathroom for freshen up. Then i went to mosque for my morning prayer. When i was coming back to my house i saw a strange thing. I saw a lagun is sitting on a wall and few dogs are barking. All the mosque return people’s were watching the lagun.


Then i came back home. As always i had a mug of hot water along with some light refreshment.


Then i entered my steemit account to check if there is any good news for me or not. But there was nothing. I spent some time browsing different kinds of post from different kinds of people. I am trying my level best to learn. Then i went to sleep. I woke up at 9:30am. I was getting ready for having breakfast. I had my breakfast. I had to go to market to buy some product. I went to market.


I bought some fruits from this seller. Then i went to another wholesale grocery shop to buy dates, soybean oil and some other things. Now i entered in the new market to buy a small prayer mat for my daughter. I bought also a hand rub and some medicine.


Mid day

Then i came back home. I was tired. My wife was not in house. She gone to her parents place. So i ordered food from food panda. They delivered food very late. After receiving food i went to have bath. Then i went to mosque for my mid day prayer. After completing my prayer i came back home. Food was ready. Menu was fried rice, fried chicken and chicken curry.


There was enough for me. After having my lunch i started to make a drawing for taking partin the contest in steem-bangladesh community. When i finished it was afternoon. Here is my work.



In the meantime i heard prayer announcement. I got ready and went to the mosque for my prayer. After coming bah3k from mosque i went to my roof. We have a small rooftop garden. I often go to my roof and spent some time there.


Then i went to mosque for my evening prayer. After completing my prayer i came back home and had a cup of tea. Then i started browsing steemit. Now i spend most of my time in steemit. Now this is my only job.


I am a cricket lover. A big cricket tournament is going on. I watched the match. Then i had my dinner. I talked with my mother who is in new york. She is covid positive. I worried about her. After finishing this post i will go to bed. Good night everyone. Have a sound sleep.

This is how i spend my day. Let me know you like it or not. Thanks for reading my post.

Special thanks to
@el-nailul and
for their hard working contribution forthe community.


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