The diary game season-3//18-04-2021 //By @rupok.25% of this post payout will go to @steem.amal

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Hi all my friends of this exceptional community @steem.sea. How are you all during this ramadan? Whenever i see the post of this community. I can see a lot of social activities. You people’s are using steemit as a life changing tool. Always doing something for the betterment of the underprivileged people. Hats of to @steem.sea community and all the moderators of the community. A big applause for @steemcurator01 for the help to this noble cause. Today i am going to share my day's activity with you.

25% of this post payout will go to @steem.amal.


During ramadan my daily routine changes a bit. I woke up at 10 am. Then i called my friend that what is he doing? He told me he has got some important work in a bank. He told me to join him. I agreed. I haven't been anywhere for the last three or four days because of the lockdown. I got ready and went out. The place was near to my house. After few minutes he came. Then we went to the bank.


He finished his work then we came out. He was telling me to go somewhere else. I told him today it’s not possible. Some other day. Then he went to his house. I went to the market. I need to buy a pair of sandal. But because of lock down all the shop was close.


Then i return home. While i was coming home i bought some eggs from a shop. Which is very close to my house.



When i came back home it was midday.


After coming back home i went to take a bath. Then i went to mosque for my prayer. After completing my prayer i came back home. I am fasting thats why i am not having my lunch. Then i started browsing steemit. Now i spend most of my time behind steemit. I was reading posts from various persons. After some time i fell asleep.


When i woke up it was afternoon. I heard ajan. Then i went to mosque for my afternoon prayer. After coming back from mosque i went to my roof. We have a small rooftop garden. Often i took care of that garden.


I often water the plants in the garden.


Flower from my garden.
Then i came downstairs. My wife was preparing iftar. She told me to help her. So i helped her.


We were waiting for the whistle for iftar. After hearing whistle we broke our fast.


This was our iftar for today. After finishing iftar i went to mosque for maghrib prayer.


During ramadan i dont have dinner also. Because in iftar i used to eat a lot. So my stomach feels heavy. Then i again went to mosque for isha and tarawi prayer(tarawi is only for ramadan). Then i came back home and making this post. That was my day.

I hope you like my post. Thanks for reading my post.

Special thanks to @nazarul, @anroja, @muzack1, @radjasalman, @el-nailul



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