The Diary Game Season 3,Indonesia If you don’t even look for authentic food in Jakarta, what's the point of traveling?

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There are many meanings of traveling, but in Huahua's heart, looking for authentic food is definitely one of the meanings of departure. For this reason, Huahua compiled the food guide of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. The full text is about 3,500 words and the reading time is about 4 minutes. For a perfect start, hurry up and collect it!

Kembang Goela Restaurant

Java noble restaurant, Indonesian cuisine

Java Island, where Jakarta is located, is the fourth largest island in Indonesia, but has more than half of the country’s population and is the political and economic center. The Javanese with a long history account for 47% of the total population of Indonesia, about 100 million people. The Javanese people respect and support the royal family, nobles, officials and gentry very much.

Kembang Goela Restaurant is a very famous Indonesian restaurant in Jakarta, with authentic Javanese traditional cuisine. The overall style of the restaurant follows the tradition of Javanese aristocratic palaces, and adds a sense of luxury to the modern city. There is a feeling of "those things in the palace" here:)

The spacious hall, antique wood carvings, window carvings, and lamps are intended to create the atmosphere of a royal family.

The restaurant also has a number of side rooms, round tables, long tables, and square tables. Guests can choose according to the needs of business banquets, family gatherings or wedding celebrations.


Many of the decorated wooden cabinets, stone statues, utensils, etc. are antiques or old objects, and the elegant long tables, large glass chandeliers, napkins, knives and forks, etc., are undoubtedly the embodiment of the cultural integration of the Dutch colonial era.

European musical instruments, pianos and cellos are quietly placed in the corners, and the walls are decorated with Indonesian woven fabrics. Everything collides and is harmonious.

Western bells, national stone statues, pictures of Dutch colonial officials and the nobles of the Javanese palace, brief photos of the nobles of Java, etc., are like silent stories about time and culture.

Even the napkin decoration bracelet is so exquisite.

After savoring the design, you might as well have a taste of the cuisine. What impressed Hua Hua the most was this dish, which looked like tea, dried vegetables, and turned out to be extremely crispy, extremely dry and thinly fried beef! The crisp "paper sliced ​​meat" is dipped in fresh dried chili sauce to eat, breaking Huahua's perception of sliced ​​beef~~

Of course, fried chicken is also a favorite of Indonesians!

Vegetarians will love tofu, bean sprouts, cucumber, beans and carrots.

Fried noodles is a staple food brought by the Chinese in Indonesia. After years of cultural integration, it has become a favorite food in Indonesia, from royal aristocrats to modern families.

Main dishes: Indonesian dishes, vegetarian dishes
Business hours: 11:00-22:00

Bandar Djakarta Ancol

Open-air seafood restaurant by the sea

Ancol Beach is a must visit when you come to Jakarta. There are many amusement facilities, leisure activities and restaurants in the leisure park by the beach. Bandar Djakarta is the most famous seafood restaurant. After enjoying the sunset on the beach, why not go to this place just one step away and feast on it?

This well-known seafood restaurant is close to the beach. It is easy to find at the open restaurant door, or you can find it by following the voice of the people.

The restaurant has won numerous awards, and the authentic materials are guaranteed~

The open-air area is a big sailing boat, which can accommodate a thousand people~! There are big families of local people from Jakarta everywhere, as well as many tourists and friends.

You can make a reservation before you come to the store. If there is a place in the store directly, the waiter will take you to the seat, and then go to the seafood area to choose a variety of seafood, fresh sea prawns, large crabs, lobsters, shellfish, all kinds of sea fish, octopus, Sea urchins, etc., are weighed on the spot with a clearly marked price. To prevent getting too dazzled, remember to tell yourself to "eat in quantity"!

After ordering seafood, you can go back to your seat, listen to the live band show, drink the frozen green coconut juice, and chat with your family and friends, waiting for the time to eat is so happy and comfortable~

Huahua would like to ask, is this stage of the live band show designed according to the Crystal Palace in Journey to the West? I haven’t seen the Dragon King in the Dragon Palace, but the beauty is also intoxicating~~


That's right, Huahua admits that Huahua loves to eat! When the seafood arrived in front of you, Huahua chose to eat it, so there are not many photos, but I also need to remind that the seafood method is recommended to order according to the favorite of the Chinese people. The Indonesian tradition is deep-fried and deep-fried~~


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