The Diary Game Season 3,Summary of practical information on the main attractions of Yangon, Myanmar (with transportation information)

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Practical guide to Yangon's main attractions

a. National Museum

  1. The museum is not very far from the Golden Pagoda in Yangon, and the appearance of the building is not outstanding;

  2. However, there are 13 large exhibition halls in the building, including text, royal, history, archaeology, handicrafts, painting, drama, accessories, religion, ethnicity, etc., which can be visited within 2-3 hours;

  3. The exquisiteness and richness of the exhibits are beyond imagination, and it burst into other Southeast Asian National Museums;

  4. Personal recommendation focuses on visiting the Royal Pavilion on the 1st floor and the Handicraft Pavilion on the 3rd floor;

  5. You can rent a navigator for free, with a guided tour in Chinese;

  6. Each floor has free pure water and toilets;

  7. The ticket for foreigners is 5,000 kyats, which is about 25 renminbi, while Myanmar citizens only need 500 kyats.

National Museum of Myanmar

The National Museum of Myanmar has a collection of various Myanmar cultural relics to give you a general understanding of Myanmar. The museum introduces the history of Myanmar from many aspects such as history, religion, and crafts. The first floor displays the treasures of the dynasties in Myanmar's history, the second floor displays all kinds of Buddhist artworks, and the third floor is mainly painting artworks. Dharma artifacts, relics and various Buddhist scriptures left over by monks of the past are also preserved here.

b. Shwe Dagon Pagoda/Shwe Dagon P

  1. One of the "Three Historic Sites in Southeast Asia", the World Heritage Preliminary List;
  2. The park is very large, if you really walk through every corner seriously, it will take almost half a day;
  3. So most tourists will still focus on the key points and visit the core scenic spots;
  4. The scenic spot closes at 10 pm, so if you are not traveling with a group, I suggest you go there later in the afternoon, so that you can see both the golden pagoda sunset and the golden pagoda night view;
  5. Tickets are 10,000 Myanmar yuan, which is about 50 yuan, and you can enter the scenic spot barefoot all the way.

Ruiguang Shwedagon Pagoda

-Shwedagon Pagoda, also known as Shwedagon Pagoda of Yangon or Shwedagon Pagoda, is 98 meters high, covered with a layer of gold leaf, plus it is located on the sacred mountain west of the royal garden, so this The tower also tops the Yangon skyline. --It is the most sacred stupa in Myanmar because it enshrines the relics of the four Buddhas, including the stick used to detain the grandson Buddha (Kakusandha), the water purifier of the Konagamana Buddha (Konagamana), and Kassapa Buddha ( Kassapa) and the eight hairs of Buddha Shakyamuni. --The whole tower is covered with gold, plus 4 middle towers and 64 small towers, sharing more than 27 tons of gold leaf. On the golden umbrella at the top of the tower, there are 1065 golden bells and 420 silver bells. The upper end is veneered with pure gold foil, and the top is inlaid with 4,531 gems, including a 72-carat diamond. If you use the term "priceless" to describe this Shwedagon Pagoda, you will not feel too much. --The magnificent Burmese Ruiguang Golden Pagoda, along with the Borobudur Tower in Indonesia and the Angkor Wat in Cambodia, is known as the "Three Historic Sites in Southeast Asia". It is a world-famous pagoda and a symbol of Myanmar.

c. Bogyoke Aung S Market

  1. Not far from Sulei Temple, 5-10 minutes walk;
  2. It is relatively large, in addition to selling jewelry, there are various commodities such as clothing accessories, beauty salons, art paintings, etc.;
  3. There is no market for counterfeit famous brands here (maybe everyone doesn't know famous brands very much), and those gleaming, colorful bags and clothing have become the objects of competition;
  4. Myanmar specialty snacks are also available here, but not many. Fortunately, the price is not expensive, so you might as well give it a try.


Aung San Market

Bogyoke Market (Bogyoke Market) is located in the city center. It is the largest tourist craft market in Yangon. It sells a variety of natural gems, jade, gold and silver jewelry and traditional crafts. It is a must-visit place for tourists in Yangon. Aung San Market is named after General Aung San, the "father of independence" in Myanmar, and has a history of more than 70 years. The market is divided into eight areas, including clothing, handicrafts, gems and jade areas, seafood, fruits and vegetables, and home appliances, with nearly 2,000 stalls. Tens of thousands of tourists and locals come here to shop and shop every day. It is quite famous in Yangon and even the whole of Myanmar, especially a shopping paradise for foreign tourists.

d. ChaukHtatKyi ChaukHtatKyi

  1. It can be reached by bus No. 29 or No. 12 at Sulei Temple in downtown Yangon;
  2. Free to visit, but you need to enter the temple barefoot;
  3. Known as the first reclining Buddha in Myanmar, it is more spectacular and you can take pictures as a souvenir;
  4. Drinking water and toilets are all free.


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