🐝 Dear @Dayleeo — good morning hunny, back once again to another turbo tuesday.

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Good Morning my little coffee crusher ;)

Weather is starting to suddenly turn on the brightness sun rays, I know I’ve got a limited amount of time until we are at full sun rotation and I lose my shaded area! Gotta get as much concentration done in this period until that comes in hard because in a few hours.

It’s looking like the next two weeks are gonna be in the seventies, time to start going to bed earlier and getting up early to get those hours in when the sunshine is not too crazy, probably worth it to nap in the afternoon as well, either way, gotta turn those hours around because this is not serving me well.

Photo by Rafael Leão on Unsplash

Kinda excited to get re-upped on coffee again, while I’ve kinda adapted and adjusted to not having coffee for the last few weeks I have to say there is nothing like hitting this time around about now and sinking a coffee.

I had my usual banana milkshake action this morning, I never thought I’d actually say this but I actually miss that protein powder stuff, it certainly adds a bit more of a zing to that in the morning and makes me feel longer for another hour or so I think — also, it’s the only way I’d eat three bananas in the morning.

Been focused on sorting out these packs for hosting on gumroad. Do have a slight issue thou that I’m torn between updating gigs elsewhere, recording these 12+ micro courses and layouts for them, I’m struggling with flow but I just keep hitting the reset every few hours and that seems to help.

Instead of forcing how many sprints I have per day I’ve just gotten it to the point where as long as I get 2/3 hrs of work in no matter at what part of the day then it’s heading in the right direction. I miss the times of sprints where I’d have a thirty minute break and be back into it again — just can’t do that at the moment. Too much ground sign feels.

Certainly feels like summer here now, what with the weather coming on strong each morning, normally it would be broken by the sound of people but the streets are now super quiet, apart from the occasionally delivery truck — those are still mega booked out.

I’m kinda interested to see what the situation is like in the super markets actually, if not many people are in them or if they are staggering how many people can go in at a time, if they have supplies in the flour aisle and if they are still cranking out fresh food as much.

I can’t bring myself to get on a bus to do that thou, if I still had the electric bike I might have given it a shot because that was always so easy to get in and out of town, shame the battery ended up becoming so unreliable — old tech eh, still I got my moneys worth.

That’s another thing I need to research again now that they are opening up more money for bike lanes is what the position is now with e-scooters, kinda heard they were allowed but not sure if that means on the road and if you need to have mirrors, little plate, registered etc, I bet the electric bike shops would know.

So glad to see mini bizey get the things she wants/needs right now — just knowing that she is learning (potentially) about her paints and art and is coasting between brand new gaming tech and paints fills me with lots of joy that she’s good. It’s a lot of everyone now but I can’t imagine what it’s like for the younger ones.

Mega pleased to see you have some momentum with your projects too hunny, I know it’s not as fast as you’d like right now but hey, it’s a build up thing. I know for a fact that it’s gonna be one of those things that you are in some random place and BOOM a stack of orders come through and it’s a scramble to get the kit together.

We gotta have a plan for the mobilised version of our things too — I already know we are both gonna be on the iPad Pro game hard with the floating screen and bad ass keyboard and mouse setup, heck I might even have to learn some video editing tool on the iPad too, imagine if you can do everything mobile.

It’s probably impossible to do it well or reliable, would have to have a couple of Mac minis hardcore integrated into the van and screens on adjustable monitors that sink into the walls in some way, back to back, side by side, easy for huggles and food sharing!

Well, time for me to change things up, got my last few eggs left and i need to level up in that department again soon. Roll on the mega delivery upgrade of June and July!

Welcome to Tuesday Love Xxx
Mouser x

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