🐝 Dear @Dayleeo — I should be more hyped than this but that’s ok, I’m sure it will come.

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Well hello there, you are speaking to mr second stage up! :)

I got the email this morning.

That’s the wonderful thing about systems that do work is when they say something is gonna happen on a date as soon as that rolls around boom, you get the notification, you might not have an exact time but you’ll get it that day — remember when we had to wait on “client” cheques and small businesses had to wait up to sixty days to get paid for something.

I never really got that whole “world” of business where you basically had something on the “never never” (brit term for taking credit) for that period of time, not only did you have to buy the raw materials to make the product now your letting someone effectively trial it out for 60 days! A lotta shit can go down in six downs let alone sixty days and for a small business it can be the difference between owning a business or not.

Photo by Verena Yunita Yapi on Unsplash

I mean just take the pandemic, we are what now in week eight of that, think about all the businesses that were waiting on payments that are now never gonna come, a lot of them have probably hit the wall now if they have not put plans in place in the last month to switch up the business for the new way of business selling (delivery, e-commerce, etc)

I should be more hyped about my level up because while it was those years back of hard work that got me to here it was two quick fire ones that got me over the line. I guess I am glad about it, gives me more of a base to work from, gives me more work in the short term to do to bring it up to the standards I expect of the niche area I fit into.

Anywhays, janewhays.

Trying to get something back to you today for the banners, I made them a little bit taller because I didn’t want to mess around with trying to get the tins into the frame and actually I think for putting in the middle of a post or on twitter/instagram they will work, of course I can look at making other sizes later but I just found a size that kinda worked out.

Half way through may just like that, in a blink of an eye, not sure about you but time really has sped up for me, maybe it’s because I just daytime and nighttime and the hours in between end up just rushing by because I either deep dive some interesting story or watch more video content than I should. I guess I’ve been distracted more than usual by the notion that everyone is doing the same, it’s an odd feeling.

I moved the second screen this morning, it was literally the first thing I did, I just straight up woke up, stared at it and decided that I don’t use it or watch anything on it at the moment so I might as well have that back on the side for my second screen again — if for nothing else it’s just momentum energy to do something ya know, kick the brain off.

Missing coffee quite a lot I’m noticing, I certainly need that stuff to keep me focused and it’s been about a week or so without it, I think I’ve gone cold turkey a little bit on that and well food too, I did enjoy the exercise I got in the other day so I’m gonna attempt to do that again maybe after I’ve got at least a few versions of banners made.

Creativity has been taking quite the beating recently too.

Trying to really dial into my flow states right now because they are so crazy, trying to relax and then just ebb into the making side of things but found that tough on a few levels because of the changes. Just gotta use the hours when you have them available right?

Excited however to get SYNC’d and watch with you this weekend, I’m determined to make something of this friday and maybe we can cowork chat together if you have a slot for me today in your calendar. Not sure what you have going on or if the clients are gonna come back out of the woodwork with some new found idea they drummed up ;)

I’m glad that you got some of the book heavy stuff done and you have a number now, that’s huge moves and perfect for the next chapter. I’d love nothing more to set up that LLC with you and then we can really start to level things up, you with ya business stuffs and hopefully me with my virtual remote stuff.

All the times that I said I wish I had more time well we have it now, this is the time to do it, all the other people are playing catchup and catching up hella fast especially when it’s to do with doing live streams and online events. I think what will serve us in the long run the hard work and journey.

Even thou most of the time we both look like this, tinkering with new food processes and whays, learning new software, fixing this, breaking that, experimenting with food without meats and everything crypto in between, it’s a brave new world out there and boy oh boy, adaptation is the king.

It’s a friday, if you were here I’d be making you breakfast, making a couple of coffees to get you where you need to be, then by mid afternoon I’d be pushing your laptop screen down slowly and asking if you if you wanted to go walking with me — then we would have a little walk to get those digital numbers up and then I’d treat you to fish and chips with mushy peas and grab a couple bottles of wine and maybe a bottle of rum in the mix.

I’d crack the table outside, sit and chat, put some music on, drink some wine, maybe have the podcasting kit out for recording if I’d really planned it and then we would watch the sunset, maybe get a fire going, crack open that rum and talk shit for hours about anything and everything.

Hugs would be involved.

Welcome to FryDAZE.
Mouser xx

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