🐝 Dear @Dayleeo — meerkat wednesday, this is the second year when may has become busy.

2개월 전

Hey, how’s it going you.

Hi, I’m mr meerkat. I’ve been expecting you.

It’s looking like the next three days are gonna be hitting at least the 70’s which I kinda crazy but also kinda cool (well hot) so it’s gonna be nice weather and sunshine rays all over the weekend, think we are getting your weather from last week.

Sorry for the late reply but I got up from bed quite late today, took a whizz, fired down a big old glass of water, sat outside in the sunshine rays and put my clippers on charge. I gotta get rid of all of this hair, it’s getting summer time frustrating now and it’s gotta go.

edit: update, face hair removed, already feel lighter.

wanna get a draft together for the client today, I got more images and video to work with and it’s better, could do with some tweaking but they should work, I still need to position and frame everything but if he likes the direction of it maybe I can sign off in the next few days with it.

Photo by Sean Paul Kinnear on Unsplash

Yeah you really think that technology would be more smart by now, like don’t just do the thing but learn from the way I made the mistake last time and build in some fail safe for that instead of putting the frustration on the user for obviously engineered software failure.

Ok, so I had to stop here and head and get supplies so I’m picking it all up again now, I’ve got re-up on eggs, milk and all the stuffs so I can at least have some grubs over the next few days going into a very hot three days, big heat wave for us really in the 70’s — it’s perfect today in the 60’s.

Glad I pushed that client draft, even if I have to do changes to it in the next few days at least we have a starting reference point, happy to add or subtract of course but it get’s the ball rolling for payment, guess the universe is listening to my concerns for a crazy may — seemingly finding the focus energy in all of this thou and the big fan is move mad air today.

Glad you got v2 of the photos re-do, what a faff eh, our equipment should be totally wireless, if I take a photo on that, it should appear on the other, they kinda tried to do that with iCloud but it’s just not that great — as much as we moaned about SD CARDs and SLOTS I’d take that over anything to do with faffing around with wireless settings and such, it’s just not there yet.

For a meerkat wednesday it’s a pretty good one, I’m about to get into a document for next week that’s gonna see me make over existing and new ideas for “sellables” for that level two life baby. I thought I’d never get there but this recent run has put the much needed spotlight on the account and got me over the 2nd finish line — pumped about it. New momentum energy is always good.

I know you a suffering a little bit today with back pains and such like and I’m glad you are taking a bit of time to just get centered and give it the time it deserves to get better - smart girl is smart!

Ok, I’ve straight up waffled enough on here. I just had a hearty lunch, seems massive for not that much and living on lentils for the last few days but I’m restored back to full strength, gonna check out that app and give you the low down while all our somes and whays sync’s.

__humble x

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