🐝 Dear @Dayleeo — sup sundaze, how’s it hanging?

2개월 전

It’s already 11am.

I’m pretty sure I was up at looking at the clock at least 6am this morning then nodded off again until 8am and then was washing my pots and doing my chores kinda early because I needed that banana milkshake life, it’s the last of the protein shake today. I’m keen to re-up on that.

It’s interesting right how people get ‘bored’ of something that is “samey” in the world today so quick. Like even the notion of having to stay in and isolation get’s boring, we need stimulus, like where did that come from in the human condition that we are not happy about where we are now that we have to want more, change things up what seems like constantly.

Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

Did we do that or did the systems, marketing, ways that we got governed do that to us? I mean, sure, we are in early day/stage acknowledgement and reaction to this pandemic but it’s almost got old news, I’m sure a bunch of people just wanna get back to what they had in their bubble before.

I personally simply don’t see that ever happening.

For the first time in a long time all the problems that people had with not commuting to the office have been stripped away overnight. People got confident to video chat and found it was actually relatively easy and that technology had kinda caught up — that maybe, just maybe working from home and being close to family could be something that could be done.

I mean, did you ever see ya dad doing what he’s doing now, so quickly, just jumped at it, even at his age? I never saw that coming. It’s a prime time for adaptation and it should be gorged upon.

Not sure if you remember me telling you about cloud punk but it seems to have been out already for a week or so, I think it’s about $20 and it’s a real shame that it’s not available for the Mac, I’d love to play that, if I had a windows machine you can be sure that I’d be playing/streaming that right now, especially on a sunday.

We can’t keep up with the world and it’s adaption, nature is changing fast, oceans are rising, weather systems are becoming more extreme, so that requires extremely agility to move not at the same pace but alongside, adapting to present market conditions that helps and not hinders our day to day lives.

We both already got a head start on that, there is always a need to 10x that for sure and to have a jump on the next steps but hey, it’s a start, I’m never frustrated by where I should be but instead blessed at the opportunity to make another 1x step today and tomorrow.

I know yesterday was pretty shitty, I’m not sure how or why, just ended up not working out like we expected and well that’s not ok, sure, but also let’s move past it, it happens and sometimes you can’t or shouldn’t have to work out why, maybe the universe just hit some kind of equilibrium indexing and the cache got broke on the re-render.

We’ve got more than the fire, axe and the dug out mud floor caves to go at, we have systems and digital tools that can assist us as we sleep and regenerate until the next day, we should wield them as we see fit until we reach the minimalist footing that is our baseline — we are not there yet, so that’s the place to head for, it’s clearly signposted.

I’ve been sitting here the whole time writing with my headphones on with no music on them, kinda weird as they act like mufflers, it’s actually windy out there today, was raining early I think, that’s what work me, it’s a completely different day than yesterday, I could not sit out in this today and enjoy it — a reminder that in this world we should not expect today to be like yesterday, weather can literally change on a dime now.

I want you to know how loved you are, how if things were different I’d already be on that thirty day crossing, probably mid way by now, throwing up daily from stupidly high waves and wondering if today would be the last day as I pull zero g’s from my cold metal bunk bed in the journo quarters onboard, sending pictures via satellite realising that it just cost me $10 to send a 256kb update and hoping that the post got enough back in blockchain credits to cover the interaction.

I want you to think about mental and physical health today, getting vitamin d in ya body and getting some turmeric and all the usual good stuff, to take care of body and mind today, some stretching, plenty of water, clean out the water carrier, grab a few brews outta the car and put in the fridge for tomorrow night — not tonight, night off, let’s watch a film tonight and then have a drink tomorrow after our work sprint.

Don’t beat yourself up today about “mom” — I love her to bits but it’s just another day really that we came up with to ‘celebrate’ something when really we just love our parents in our own way on the daily anyway, you can’t just switch on and off social distancing and your relationship to it when you are a data driven person, remember, you wield digital tools different from other generations, it does not mean you love your mother any less if you have made a decision for both your safety to not visit on this particular day.

Today on the mouser menu is broccoli mash. I’m not sure if I have any gravy but if so you can be sure that’s gonna be in the mix. I’m kinda excited to get a good re-up on everything in a week or so time. I’ll just hoping that will go smooth and I’m working towards crushing the next days towards that — still not out of the wood yet for may but it’s shaping up to be a good one for the next few months after it.

Time to take that reset pill, today is a different day.

I’m so freaking proud of your focus, determination, ability to make moves and I have the upmost respect for you to be centred enough to execute on your vision, it’s the very first steps, you’ve got over that hurdle — from ideation to outcome, the rest is just stepping through and time. Maybe i’l get to making some of those animated gifs today or tomorrow. I’m keen to get started on them for sure.

Welcome to sundaze, stardate 10.05.2020, the shuttle will be leaving shortly and all your bags and travel documents are loaded, I’ll see you at BGP border patrol gate dock o4_44 shortly :)

__humble x

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