🐝 Dear @Dayleeo — swapping knowledge on new things is some of my fav things.

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I just realised this morning as I refilled my cupboard with wipes and spun around to look at these new things you have bought into my world, protein soya things and corn starch, that I’ve heard of but never used at all in food, I expect this will open another door of knowledge to expand my food skills.

Weather held out this morning so I didn’t get wet and I managed to re-up on some eggs and some bread, got a danish loaf, while I don’t have a toaster they work out pretty good in the pan just dry heated up, with some scrambled eggs in the mix did the job.

Glad that I’m a little less cloudy than yesterday although I did not have great sleep last night at all, I know I’ll have to get more zzzz today again, maybe I’ll keep getting those naps in until I get my sleep patterns more in sync again, I think last night was more of a confusion of how much heat I’d actually need because of the drop and ended up going the wrong where with the heat levels, seems I’m sensitive to that — real tossy.

Photo by Glen Noble on Unsplash

When I look back on the last eight weeks I know there is times for sure where we could have gone full tilt, done more, added more things, got more things done, me get things recorded and CRANKED THAT OUT but I realised that I want to be respectful of what I put out and my energy levels when I do it, the majority of my time before the record and publishing is spent on the way that stuff is packaged up to go out.

I think I’m coming through the woods now, I can see the outside world past the trees and I’ve been given a golden ticket front of house look at how remote working, services and skills and remote working can work and know that a lot of people that would be commuting will never do that again and will probably now work from home — who knew a pandemic would make the shift happen eh?

I’ve pretty much consigned myself to the fact that twenty twenty is a write off, I do hope that we don’t see a massive spike again in this second wave as people go back out there, I think it’s about being totally measured and smart to the things we want and need over literally gambling our health over it, if it’s not this pandemic then it’s something else — at least we can re-tool and adapt quickly to current market conditions.

If you were here now I know we would be majorly attempting DIY. I just know it, from solar panels and power generation to small scale growing, cleaning up what we have and making it work, having sprints and me cooking you breakfast and you cooking me dinner while I sort out videos for us to watch and you throw together some kick ass drinks.

But then, I’m also thankful that you are with your family, that your family is doing good and they are in positions to adapt — sure not everyone is so willing to change and adapt but the ones that are out there are making the best of their situation. Like you, you literally just spun up and adapted that energy you use for clients and made yourself the client. So damn stoked for you on that.

Well, this is all for now, I picked up my somes, looking forward to chatting with you today as we virtual co-work I wanna get those banners and some obs and screenflow stuff done again today. Yesterday was weak sauce and I just needed some time, I think it’s gonna be stop/start today as well as I need naps here and there.

The walk actually did me the world of good so thank you for indirectly kicking my ass virtually to get out there — next big mission is to source some major 10 kg packs of things, at least then I’ll be in a position to not be concerned too much with the stocks in the cupboards so much and my focus can return to my work output.

Welcome to Turbo Tuesday Love :)

__humble x

ps.. .. some chill vibes for you today

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