🐝 Dear @Dayleeo — There are days like today that make all the other days better!

2개월 전

I really felt the vibes from your post this morning, that pogo video just got me where I needed to be. I think you knew that. So thankful for you for the little life prompts when I need them. So yes, I’m here this morning full of energy, cup of tea and destroyed by egg sandwich this am.

I’ve been making ‘toast’ in the pan, just cold frying it both sides, it’s better than just bread and while I don’t have butter right now I’m kinda fine with what I do have — if isolation so far has taught me one thing it’s to be grateful for anything that I have access too.

Photo by Zac Ong on Unsplash

The ability to connect to your remotely via cables and satellites, the fact that we have access and relative abundance of provisions currently. The wake up call of realising hard that my grandparents were dead on the money about growing your own food — it’s something that I can’t shake now, it’s something we have to get our shit together on.

Switch up. ..

you are certainly from another time my love, a perfect thirsty thursday track for you this morning :) — your my cosmic girl for sure.

Lall all alal l lala llalll. .. . lallalalla lalllalall llalalllala.

I’ve been giving all my older/newer .flac files a crank out, it’s something I really wanna get sorted at some point, get a decent player ideally with a built in dac for all these tracks, if there is one thing i know that saves me on a daily basis it’s the ability to listen and enjoy music. Such a transport!

Not sure why but I know today is gonna be a good one. I had a message from a brand new student last night, interesting to see the spread of users and how they are all changing things up, I don’t think people realise how many people are adapting to the new world rapidly — literally people are buying up the webcams and are getting streaming.

Even on one of the course sites they are now saying that it takes upwards of a week to get new courses verified, lots of people are setting up and making their own courses now on their particular skill they used to do in person. I’m seeing a lot of gyms adapting to the new remote trainer role.

I know it’s been a journey even thou it really feels like overnight in some ways but then we always were time travellers right, I know the next time we get together we are gonna be making much more firmer plans and built on things that we have been developing all this time — we travelled down the route, looked at what’s available and how it ticks and made our decisions ;)

You know damn straight that when I get over there next I’m gonna be wearing pretty much a full on SPACESUIT and also it’s gonna be for a few months at a time, if there is one thing that this has unlocked is that the biggest hurdle of going away for any length of time has finally come about, where as before I disliked/worried that being away for a few weeks would be difficult I’ve learned to adapt to that, I know mini biza has too.

And actually, if it unlocks a better more well formed me and I can be nimble and active and motivated when we are together as a team then that’s gonna help everyone anyway — I’ve watched you do that with grandma, dad, your mum even with the supply airdrop. Your kinda fucking amazing ain’t you?

Look, I never saw this happening, nobody did, I mean sure 2020 why not just throw that into the mix right? Just speeds up the importance. I told you when we met we had a four year window before we make the jump to light speed, that just got a bit hurried along from without our control but I also know that if we are agile enough we can spin up and adapt when the opportunity presents itself (and it will many times over)

Technology is about to become a major part of day to day life, I’ve seen google/twitter saying to their staff that if they want to work from home forever they can, not just for 2020, uber and taxi companies are putting screens in their transportation, the world is adapting to a world with viruses and pandemics in it — it’s like we are accepting that we are about to have a world that looks like 5th element (minus floating stuff right now)

Whoa, just had this really weird vision of you on this electric scooter with big ass wheels driving around a vine yard and then onwards onto picking olives from trees, I mean, it’s something to aim for right? — I think every family is gonna have to ramp up what they do for the local neighbour, village, town or city en masse. Not just stitch a bunch of face masks either.

Ok, time for me to get out there and get some rays, I need to flush the system, get some vitamin d neutron firing sunshine into my system and then hopefully in the next twenty I’ll be able to actually start on those banners.

I did try yesterday, looked at the pdf, colours, assets — I’ve got everything, just need to sprinkle in a bit of creativity and get a move on with it. I’m also recording it for a youtube post as well so it’s extra awkward as I’m trying to script/predict it a little.

Well, I wanna welcome you to thirsty thursday, I’d look nothing more to be making some kind of tasty ass burger for you today outside on a BBQ while passing you a Corona or two with lime before we got into the rum good stuff and then slowly to be to watch something 80’s and rad. I hope you slept well but even if you didn’t, remember, you can reset any time.

Let’s get into a thursday eh?

Mwah x

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