🐝 Dear @Dayleeo — Turbo Tuesday coming in a little more hotter than monday did.

2개월 전

Hey you.

So the last hour kinda just flew past so that’s all a little bit weird but hey got a few things sorted out and I’ve got a project that I wanna talk to you about once you get online — obviously it’s going through the mouser legitness testing phase so we will see where we land on that but background checks aside and google map searching locations done, it could be neat if we can put a little one minute thirty script together for it.

Certainly would restock the cupboards and the fridge and get you that domain funds back where it should be ;) — (so weird it came in after midnight last night)

Anyway, hey, you, it’s Tuesday, and your kinda my favourite person to wander around big cities with, eating stuff and drinking beers and just going on random missions to make things together because why the heck not right, remember when we did that little t-shirt photo shoot here? — yeah that was pretty sick, I remember the golden hues of the early evening light.

Photo by Charlotte Coneybeer on Unsplash

Your post was awesome today, again, thank you for that. I left you a comment but I don’t know if it did justice to the way that a little note from your partner can set-up your day ahead. It certainly did mine, got me thinking about bee, hives and frontends — seems to be in alignment with the notion of growing food, substance, larders. ..

Remember when I was saying that I wanted to modified the cupboards for building out a larder? I’m so going in on that when I have the resources too, I’m throwing out all the things in that big cupboard and gonna build some damn shelving around the podcasting green shower space! :)

I’d love nothing more for some kinda growing setup for micro greens, I realise I’d probably have to box that off in some way because of you know potential of mold and stuffs but I think it could certainly work in certain underused spaces.

also, was hardcore thinking about pizza ovens last night, had this like thought of you being here and us clinking beers outside and me asking you how many pizzas I should get prepared — we ended up with four because we were drinking hard and into the evening, nothing like re-heated or next day pizza anyway in my eyes around elevenish ;)

As the supplies have fallen I’ve realised why previous generations kept a larder, I used to mock my mum about it (mainly because a lot of stuff was outta date and she didn’t track it) but I totally get now why they did it. I can’t imagine what war time rationing must have been like, to absolutely know that you had to line up to get food like that. We are so entitled.

I used to mock grandma as well for all the salmon and pickled onions under her stairs like some kind of mad lab but I realise now it was not that granny was seeing some russian trawler man on the side it was just that anything they had more off they pickled and as long as they had some cans of salmon then my gran could rustle something out of it.

Just had plain pasta for breakfast because you know, time has no meaning and also got some of my daily vitamin d and turmeric into the system, gotta keep that immune system levels up — excited for thursday and my airdrop care package, man, when systems do work, amazon lockers and all that stuff, it’s awesome — will always remember New York and some random place I sent some stuff too and you putting it on camera ;) funny as.

Every time I think about buses too and getting that big ass 10kg flour resupply situation sorted I keep thinking of the time when I really really needed to take a whizz after downing that last minute before the bus came and the terrible journey on the way back thinking I was gonna burst. …

. .. as I ran off the bus, made the shopping cart jump over the grassy mound and lost our rice wine vinegar in the process. The fact that we found that was pretty freaking epic. So many good times, so many more to create.

I’m super thankful for the universe for making me fall over and injury my wrist to put me in the right place at the right time all full of humble thoughts and ready for a new journey.

Big hugs,
__humble x

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