🐝 Dear @Dayleeo — well blimey, here is the weekend already, gapped the week.

2개월 전

Well ok, maybe not completely gapped it, I know that monday was a bust and Tuesday was better and wednesday I was kinda there but the last few days really moved and boom, saturday morning. I really enjoyed your post from yesterday thou, really brought home how we both process long distance and connection, glad we hung out even if I was low energy.

Hit a different pace today, slight headache but I think that’s just lack of sleep, otherwise feeling pretty good all around considering. It’s the 16th as well and you know I like that mid way point in a month, it’s certainly been no slouch and while I didn’t have the week I needed to have I’m still ahead in many ways.

Just that little bear knowledge you gave me is gonna make things much easier for my morning brain to jump in and write, having a list of courses, things to post, like a proper main index for each area of my writing or making life is better in some ways than folders.

Photo by Marvin Kuhn on Unsplash

if I can’t have folders then at least I can have hot linking to other pages — it’s a game changer, I can’t believe it was just another bracket! I guess I had my head too close to it just supporting markdown and not thinking they had integrated their own.

Your post was really freaking cool this morning so much so that I had to have that album, I mean I’ve heard the name before and probably have it on a spotify playlist somewhere because I certainly remember it, at least a few of the tracks, also ambient get’s too a point where it all blends together too.

You know what’s weird thou, i was thinking about this as I was writing you was the way that we kinda tested out a bunch of things before this came about, like we pre-programmed ourselves for the eventuality of it. Even down to fasting, storing rice, oats and flour.

I know we were only scratching the surface compared to where we are now, heck where everyone is right now with being confined to a virtual, remote existence in isolation with the world at arms length a little but I’m blessed that we had a ‘runup’ at it, I’d say minimalistic preppers in some ways.

It’s certainly taught me a lot about “timing” and “scaling” and where weaknesses fall, what I’m ok with letting ‘cycle’ around until it hits a reality wall and slaps me back in the face like staring up to hit a shuttle cock in badminton and getting blinded by the lights and seeing the moment pass as I stand there watching it hit the floor in slow motion — knowing I miss it.

Also taught me that everyone in the food table is just trying to either get setup for today or for the idea of a future tomorrow. Even little mouser wants to get in on that action, lessons in storage learned, I wonder if they can chew through carbon fibre? I think that’s both strong and light, maybe I need to look into that — super light weight strong storage for nomads.

I’m gonna start messing around with organising my notes after I’ve written you, see if I can pull all that stuff together into one place, move everything from other places and get them stored away, so I know I have them, then take a global backup of that and push them into a subscription package with that five year (at least) product I told you about yesterday.

Missing my breakfast whays with you today, remember when we used to make those layers flatbreads with eggs, chorizo, mushrooms and avocado, that’s gotta be up there with some of the most enjoyable breakfast times for me, I might have to go down the chorizo route later on today, I miss that stuff, I also miss having squeaky cheese (as bella calls it) and a good balsamic.

Certainly got a new appreciation for time recently, something that’s got legacy, that’s been aged, fermented, protected, stored for a period of time. I think that’s why I like that blue stilton from long clawson so much, it’s crafted, it’s kept at a temperature, it’s quality checked, it’s cost is in the time, time costs, every minute is not wasted it’s just augmented elsewhere.

Well, my bizey time for me to shake a feather and change it up and do something logistical and productive to make this day go smooth, gonna get my chores done now, the usual suspects as you know. I hope you got a reasonably amount of sleep last night, i passed out. Think the energy of the day caught up with me.

Looking forward to syncing up in our usual way when you rise, kinda buzzed to get into an organising notes day, sad really but oh to have a little bit of something organised is a good feeling.

Less F5, let the direct syncing continue today, maybe beer or wine will be involved in the mix eh? Mwah, love you to mars and the stars that surround everything we do.

Love you,
Mouser x

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