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I am @shortsegments and I live in Hawaii. While Hawaii is a State of the a United States, it continues to be a separate 7 island based Polynesian culture, which most people in the world think of as a separate country. Hawai’i is a very unique and popular tourist destination, and Hawaii is a place with its own unique culture, language and history.

Because Hawaii is a top tourism destination, I think posts about Hawai’i would bring more outsiders to Steemit. I enjoy creating content about Hawai’i and I would love to create more. Lastly, there are several Hawaiian Steemians and it would be nice to give them a place to post Hawai’i related content, so people interested in Hawaii would have a one place to go to enjoy pictures about Hawai’i.

Mahalo for reading this post. I hope you enjoy the pictures.



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Lovely pictures. I think it’s a great addition to Communities. I suggest you crosspost the Hawaiian Flower Pictures in the Community Flowers Pictures!


Beautiful tropical scenery.


I am glad you liked it. Please subscribe.

Great picture.

I recently (right before COVID19) visited Hawaii for about two weeks. It was amazing time.


I am glad you made it before the lockdown. I am so grateful for the vacations I took before all this started.

This is a great idea for a Community. Subscribed and rebooted or Resteemed! To spread the news. I am looking forward to great Hawai’i pictures!


Wow..... incredibly beautiful. Hawaii has always been a place my wife and I have wanted to visit. Expensive though. I will need my Steem to go back to $8 to afford the flight from Canada.


Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed the pictures!
If the price of Steem went to 8$ that would be wonderful! Please subscribe to join this community.


Yes. I will join the Community. Not much going on in any of the old Communities I was a part of.

Great idea! I've never been there, but would love to go. I hear the cost of living is high there, but that the quality of life is well worth it. :)


Yes the cost of living is high, but your right the quality of life is great!t Thanks for visiting this new community. Please subscribe to join this community.

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Sería interesante ver a hawai desde el punto de vista del nativo, un poco más humano y ver la realidad de la experiencia de estar es ese maravilloso lugar..Atenta a sus publicaciones.!


Gracias por su comentario y también por visitar esta nueva comunidad.

Suscríbete para unirte a esta comunidad.

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Me gusta estos tipos de publicaciones!!
Así que suscrita con gusto!



Thank you and welcome to the Community.