Don't be afraid if your situation worsens 20-02-2021

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Don't be afraid if your situation worsens

Don't be afraid if your situation worsens.
Just trust that God has wisdom in everything
It happens to you and its the best.
And when your hut will burn.
Know that God is managing your affairs and trying to save you. Allah does what He does and Allah does what He does best

One of the ships had a heavy load and was about to sink due to a storm during the voyage. The ship was about to sink, so its captain suggested that some of the cargo be lightened and thrown into the sea to survive. ۔
So they unanimously agreed to give up all the goods of a merchant because that would be enough to avoid drowning,
The merchant who was to be thrown away objected as to why all his belongings should be thrown away and suggested that a small part of all the merchants' belongings be thrown away so that the loss would be distributed among all the people and not just one person would be affected.
The rest of the merchants then rebelled against him, and since he was a new and weak merchant, they threw him into the sea with his goods and continued their journey.
The waves fought with the merchant until he fainted.
When he woke up, he found that the waves had thrown him to the shore of an unknown and desolate island.
The merchant got up with great difficulty and breathed until he fell to his knees and asked God for help to save him from this painful situation.




Several days passed, during which the merchant spent time hunting for fruit and rabbits
And drinks water from a nearby stream. And to protect himself from the cold of night and the heat of day, he slept in a small hut made of wood.
One day, while the merchant was preparing his food, a strong wind was blowing and with it a burning stick of wood rose, and in his carelessness his hut caught fire, so he tried to put out the fire. Of
But he could not do that, because the fire consumed the whole hut with it

Here the merchant began to shout:
"Why, Lord ...?"
I was wrongly thrown into the sea and lost my luggage.
And now this hut that is my house is also burnt
And I have nothing left in this world
And I'm a stranger to this place.
Or why all these disasters befall me .

And the merchant fell asleep at night, hungry and sad.
But in the morning an "amazing event" awaited him ... when he found a ship approaching the island, descending from a small boat to rescue him ...
And when the merchant boarded the ship, he could not believe it with the intensity of happiness, and he asked them how they found it and how to find its destination.
He replied:
"We saw smoke, so we knew someone was calling for help, so we came to see

And when he told them his story of how he was thrown out of the merchant ship unjustly.
"The merchant ship did not reach its destination," he told her
The robbers raided it, looted everyone and killed people. "
So the merchant weeps and prostrates and says, “Allah your deeds are good.
Glory be to the Lord who saved him from murder and chose for him good

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