The position of the woman 25-03-2021



The position of the woman

The Greeks say that a woman is more dangerous than a snake.
Socrates said that there was nothing more fitnah and disorder in the world than a woman. According to Bona Vitukar, a woman is like a scorpion that keeps on frying when it stings. John says that woman is the daughter of evil and the enemy of peace and security.
According to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, a woman cannot touch the Bible and is not allowed to enter the church. In Rometa al-Kabra, the largest Christian government, women were worse off than slaves, treated like animals.
Europe's bravest woman, John of Arc, was burned alive.
In pre-Islamic Arabia, women were humiliated in poetry and buried alive when girls were born.

The Prophet's (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) instructions about women


But look at the instructions of the benefactor of humanity, Rehmat-ul-Ulameen, about the wife of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa(S.W)

On the Day of Judgment, I will first open the gates of heaven and see that a woman wants to enter before me, so I will ask her who you are. She will say I am a widow, I have a few orphans.
A woman who obeys her Lord and pays her husband's dues and describes her husband's virtues and does not betray his life and property, then such a woman and a martyr will have a degree in Paradise.

A woman who, despite being virtuous and beautiful, does not marry for the sake of raising and raising her orphaned children, is like those two fingers near me on the Day of Resurrection.

A woman who marries, performs her duties and abstains from sins will be rewarded with supererogatory acts of worship by serving her husband, raising children, and taking care of the family.

When a woman becomes pregnant, she receives the same reward as a woman who fasts in the way of Allah and strives and worships at night.

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