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Forbidden meat

Amazing and remarkable research
During the US invasion of Iraq, an ancient building in Baghdad was bombed and reduced to rubble
After the American occupation of Iraq, the cleansing of the city began
Removing debris from the building
Traces of an ancient building were discovered in the depths.
These were the relics of a school

From there an ancient manuscript became available in perfect condition




His name was "Tahfat al-Aghani".

The author's name was Abdullah bin Tahir al-Baghdadi Rizvi

This book is based on his discovery and predictions

There is a chapter in it specifically about India

In it Hazrat writes:
Muslim rule will be established in some parts of India

But for a long time to come, this country will be in chaos and unrest

The reason given in this book
That's horrible

Hazrat writes that
Muslims in the area will be accustomed to eating pork-like food

And that would be the reason
They will gradually drift away from religion
It was very strange
Because people in Pakistan don't seem to eat anything like that.

University of India in 2011
Professor Stuart Jones of Shigun
Who was the head of the Department of Biotechnology.

He proved in his research that
There is basically no difference between broiler chicken and pork.

The technology used to create the broiler followed the model of the pig.
It was banned as soon as the investigation came to light

And Dr. Jones was declared a psychiatrist and admitted to a psychiatric hospital

In November 2015, Dr. Stuart Jones died under mysterious circumstances at the same hospital

If this research came to light, then the West
The multi-billion dollar broiler chicken industry would be destroyed
With the help of this industry, he turned his agents in Muslim countries into billionaires.
That series would also end

And most importantly,
Muslims would be saved from the spiritual ailments they are suffering from by eating haraam meat

In those days, a research on the properties of pumpkin was presented at Tel Aviv University

Dr. Moshe David, who emigrated from Poland to Israel,

He has been researching the properties of pumpkin for the last 22 years

By completing this research in the summer of 2014
Presented at the meeting of the Board of Directors of the University.
This research paper revealed that
Pumpkin is one such complete food
An example of which is not found in any other diet,
If a person eats pumpkin twice a day
Its nutritional needs are met.
Pumpkin contains such ingredients
Which save man from all kinds of diseases

Patients with cancer and AIDS were experimentally fed pumpkins for a month
So they got better.

Pumpkin essence has also been used to make vaccines to treat all kinds of diseases
And the results were amazing

Patients with the last stage of any disease were also vaccinated against pumpkin
So he was completely healthy in one day

Dr. Moshe David also disappeared from the scene after that.

The Tel Aviv Times also published an interview with Dr. David's wife, Marsha David

In which she raised questions about the mysterious disappearance of her husband
And linking it to their research
Demanded from the government that
The real facts should be brought to light
This issue also got lost later in time.
If this research is officially brought out
The truth of Islam would be made clear to the whole world
And the blasphemy of the Jews and the Hindus would be as clear as daylight.

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