Betterlife II The Diary Game II A Happy Monday II 12-July-2021

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AOA friends. This is @hibbanoor. I hope you all are doing good and enjoying the life with great excitement. Let's start the today's diary.

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The last week was so busy. I spent whole week in my cuisine's wedding. The whole routine got disturbed. Today I woke up at 10 in the morning. It was so late so I didn't go to university. Today the classes started at 10. And i couldn't attended the class if i went. So i decided to take an off. I texted my friend and ask her to submit my application for urgent work. I had breakfast first and then watched TV for sometime.

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After that, i went to roof top. The rains had ruined the plants there. Mama and aunty were busy in laundry. I helped them for some ime. Then mama started asking that you even do not know such simple task. When will you grow and become a responsible girl. I was like "ak to m help kroun opr sy ap daant rhy ho". I left them and went down. Then started using instagram to see what's happening in the world. And there was Cameron everywhere. The boy who unintentionally killed a mother and daughter in an accident.

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It was getting dawn and I was missing my cuisines. To divert my attention, i started working on my university assignment. Then i starting working on steemit. After that i went to kitchen to make the peach fresh juice.

It actually taste so good. Just add some slices of peach, sugar, add some water and grind it well in Juicer. No milk but still i love this Juice. It feel like this juice is freshing your soul's last grain.

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After that i played luddo with aunty and mama. We bet that the one who will loss will order pizza for all of us and mama lose the game. But she said that she will made something for us at home. Her cooking is just woww so we agree on that. Now lets see what she will bake for us.

Then i watched the DUNK latest episode and went to sleep.

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This is how i spent my monday. Thank you for reading I hope you would like it.

Special thanks to

@event- horizon

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Hey comon stop simping for that white murderer.
Since he didn't have a driving license, which means he was breaking the law at the first place. So you can't call it an accident it's a murder. Could be unintentional but still it's a murder.


Ok. My mistake. I shouldn't use the word "accident" for him.