Baba ji story,r temporary homeless shelters mianwali

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"This Baba Ji was asking a tea hotelier on Sargodha Road for a place to sleep for the night. The hotelier showed Baba the way to the mosque in front of him ... Baba Ji came back after a while and told the hotelier. He told that the mosque was locked and the hotelier gave a clear answer to Babaji and walked away from there. Coincidentally, Dr. Riaz, Azhar and I were sitting there drinking tea and also the conversation between Babaji and the tea man. I was listening ... Dr. Riaz Shahid, may God bless him, he ordered me to leave Babaji in the "shelter" at the district headquarters ... and I seated Babaji on my lap at the Civil Hospital Reached ... There was also a longing in the heart that the claimant government of the state of Madinah has set up "shelters" for the same purpose, so today, despite the practical experience ... let's see that this helpless, weak, helpless What is the government doing in favor of the helpless and the weak?


Well ... The motorcycle stopped in front of the shelter. He took Babaji down and told him to go and sleep in the front room. Poor Baba prayed for me and walked towards the room and I stopped for a few minutes so that Baba Ji might not have any problem with identification. As soon as the naive tired old man enters the room, he spreads his clothes on the ground and lies down. But the next scene was soulful ... A servant of God came to Baba Ji, supported him, lifted him from the floor and laid him on a clean and comfortable bed in the shelter. Baba, who had been exhausted from sleep and exhaustion a while ago, raised a loud and powerful voice and asked, "Oh Chhora ... O Dera Dera ?????" I smiled and replied, "Imran Khan."
Baba cried with joy and enthusiasm
Wow wow
Long live Imran Khan ...
I called Baba Lord Rakha and came out of there ...
And the scene that my moist eye saw sent you word for word. "


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Glad to see this post
you did very good for baba g
May Allah Bless You