Carrying faith safely to the grave is the greatest achievement of a Muslim

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Social media, the temptation of atheism, and our new generation

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For a Muslim, children are not just a worldly blessing, but the capital of the Hereafter and the best charity.

Provided that he is a believer.

In this age of social media, how the dacoits of faith are quietly pushing our future generations towards atheism or Atheism (denial of the existence of God) will be explained in this article.

Parents who seem to give their ignorant children unlimited access to smartphones and the Internet, especially for reading and entertainment, read this article.

It is possible that God unwittingly puts your children under this temptation and is about to wash their hands of faith and you are completely ignorant.

The number of atheists (denying the existence of God) in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan is currently increasing rapidly through social media.

And the victims are 15-25 year old girls from ordinary Muslim families.

There are not one but hundreds of examples of this and scholars are observing it day and night

The point is ...
Islam is spreading all over the world so fast. All other religions are very upset. Their every tactic and conspiracy fails and fails. Whenever the standard of goodness of the last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the teachings of the Qur'an reach an individual or group of another religion, the light of Allah enlightens the hearts. And people enter the circle of Islam in droves. Go
Defeated on every missionary front, the enemies have conspired to break into Muslim homes, in which they have been quite successful. Even children who are fond of so-called enlightenment and modernism and are unfamiliar with the teachings of Islam are easy targets for those who do not have a clear understanding of the situation. It is a far cry to train these children in view of such a situation. Direct access to the expert agents of the enemy has been provided through computers and mobile phones.
There are hundreds of accounts on social media, especially Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, whose work day and night is to deny the existence of God on scientific grounds, to mock the various precepts of Islam, to object to various aspects of the life of the Holy Prophet, and The scholars are ridiculed.

Most of them are affiliated with various NGOs based in Europe and the United States.

Usually their names are like this

Ex-Muslims Together
Atheist Muslims
Muslims Liberated
Muslim Awakening
Islam Exposed

Hundreds of boys and girls who work with their workers and agree with their teachings (living in the same countries and most of them are completely unfamiliar with religion and a product of the Western education system) Pakistan, Bangladesh, UAE, Saudi Arabia and others They are busy attracting the youth of Muslim countries

They seem to have accounts in the name of Muslims but are intellectually atheists

The procedure is as follows:

  • There is no objection to the beginning of Islam, but various Islamic rules are tested by science and logic. Religious topics are deliberately discussed that are also scientifically proven.

In this way, it is made clear that the rules of religion are consistent with all sciences, and that what science confirms is certainly the truth.

  • Then there are topics that are beyond science, such as the existence of God, knowledge of revelation, the event of ascension, etc., which are related to pure immature faith, which are certainly true but beyond the reach of science.

But since the premise is that the standard is science, these key beliefs are called into question.

  • Then the matter goes on ...

And it comes down to the personal life of the Holy Prophet

Matters that are misinterpreted are relatively misinterpreted

For example, the philosophy of slavery, equality between men and women, marriages and bondage of the Holy Prophet, polygamy, age at the time of marriage of Ayesha Siddique, etc.

For an orthodox Muslim, these things are clear, but for the raw-minded Muslim children who are ignorant of the religion and intimidated by the Western way of life, these things are very disturbing and incomprehensible.

And since there is no connection between religion and religious scholars, there is no satisfactory answer

As a result, they seek guidance from Google and the Internet, where the various websites of these atheists turn their suspicions into beliefs.

After that, faith leaves quickly

From Hajj and Qurbani to the rules of marriage and inheritance, every commandment of Islam is tested by the West and eventually it is quietly abandoned as a fabricated religion.

  • Open mockery of Islam, blasphemy in the name of the Holy Prophet and denial of the existence of God is followed by

Then these boys and girls also quietly become the tools of such organizations and hate their friends and religion.

All this is being done quietly by 15-25 year olds sitting around us on Twitter, Facebook etc.

But we are unaware

The question is how to protect your children from it

Take care of the following issues in this regard

  • Pray to Allah Almighty for peace, faith and perseverance for yourself and your children

  • Take yourself and your children from time to time in the company of scholars and religious leaders so that they may become acquainted with them and seek guidance from them in their affairs.

  • Bring children closer to you, give them love, listen to their problems, understand and solve them. Consult them in your affairs, make them your secret

If you keep them away, misguided groups will easily bring them closer to you

  • Learn your religion slowly and keep it at home

  • If the children are young, think about their religious education along with secular education

  • Do not give or keep smartphones to severe children unnecessarily

  • If you have to pay, give with conditions, prohibit untimely use, collect all home phones in your room at night, tell them how to use it properly.

  • Avoid spending time on social media for no reason and save your children

  • Avoid using the phone in front of children at all times

  • In case of any doubt or clarification, seek guidance from authoritative religious scholars instead of the internet

Carrying faith safely to the grave is the greatest achievement of a Muslim

Protect your children from the robbers of faith so that religion will remain in our future generations

credit to Mufti Taqi Osmani Sahib

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MashaaAllah great work or effort.May Allah reward you for this.