Emirate and generosity

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EmirateEmirate and generosity
The majority of the nobles in our area, but also in Mianwali district, are eager to keep their wealth to a minimum and only increase it. Or the rope to spend on your cast and exhibition. Hundreds of five thousand notes are not allowed to fly in the air to give five hundred rupees to the poor of the neighborhood. There are very few who will be seen openly spending on society.
Big businessmen, big contractors, big lease owners, transporters, big landlords, doctors are the ones who earn at least enough to contribute to the society if they want to.
If you look through the eyes of consciousness around you, you will find many people whose wealth is not hidden. Their cars, apartments, businesses, etc. are also well judged. But their contribution to society is not the same as salt in flour.
Many people like us keep appealing on social media sometimes for a poor person's ration and sometimes for a poor person's fee. Workers, ordinary citizens, white-clad people from home and abroad often respond to our appeals and do their part. But there has never been a response from the local aristocracy. However, if we put our hands on a painful vein of these princes, they are immediately informed, but the news of the appeal of a poor needy person does not reach them.
I have always been annoyed that poems should be written in honor of the powerful sections of the society, the affluent sections, but the requirement of justice is that if any rich person is doing his part for this society, he should be encouraged. And something should be written on it to expose the arrogance of the shameless.
There is a hardworking family in our area whose hard work I have personally witnessed. Combating their hard work and the complexities of Pakistan's system with wisdom, the family today has come to the point where the opportunity to spend on caste or the need to spend on society is paramount. Whether it is a matter of helping someone individually, an opportunity to help secretly or a matter of collective religious and non-religious public interest, this family seems to be at the forefront.
Morality is such that it does not harbor malice even against an open and hidden enemy. Even if an immoral and rude opponent arrives with a need, he is not repulsed, but is helped with full respect and secrecy. Otherwise, there are rich people in our society who, if they get angry with one of their poor companions, do not even send the surplus meat of Eid-ul-Adha to his house.
It is a marvel of this family's generosity and humanity that it makes no difference to its own and its employees' daily and special occasions. Those who eat themselves, feed their employees first. I have seen the eldest of this family happily serve food to ordinary employees with their own hands and sit and eat with them.
I am not saying that no one from this family will be bothered individually, it will be. Where a society is full of hundreds if not thousands of needy people, it is not possible for a single family to meet their needs, but as a society as a whole, the opinion it forms is weighty.
The emperors of this family will surely be envied by those princes who have business competition, those who are afraid of their politics will be envied, but there is never any practical activity of envy from this family. came. Rather, they always keep their door open. In my opinion, there are probably only one or two people who are fed up with their behavior and have locked the doors of their houses on them or have slipped out of sight.

The younger generation of this family has now followed in the footsteps of their elders. If any of his eyes and lamp is in his business then he is present for the society, if there is any doctor then he is named in his compassion. When someone enters politics, he has shown a new color. In the new generation of this family, there is hardly any spoiled child, otherwise they call their employees with the sanctity of relationships according to their age. They don't call an elder bye, they address him by saying uncle, uncle.
If this family had wanted, they would have easily settled in a big city, fed up with the behavior and tricks of the hungry jealous and envious jealousy in the society, but with great patience and perseverance, this family would have increased the prosperity of the area and needed hundreds. It is a source of help for the poor. I think this family is spending a significant amount of money on society in addition to zakat.
Now a family that is serving the society with its manpower and financial strength (which is the biggest strength today), it is very important to encourage this family.
I do not mix the heavens and the earth in anyone's praise, especially the hymns in praise of a mighty one. I have tried to write something about this family by controlling my mood to a great extent. But I still do not dare to write the names of the elders and youth of this family.
Take a look at Daud Khel, Khairabad, Iskanderabad, Guln Khel, Paki Shahmardan, Mari Indus. Take a look at the leaders of these areas. He himself will stand out in front of you.
Take a look at the rest of the big tycoons in Mianwali district, I'm sure they will be far behind this family.
The experience of Dr. Muhammad Hanif Niazi Bhai more than me in this regard will be very helpful for you. It is a diamond in the eyes of the doctors, whose radiance also sheds some light on the dull faces of the rest of the doctors, otherwise it would have been the fate of today.

Note: You can mention the family you think is entitled to my writing. Because the observation of one of my servants is not as important as the whole eye of society.
The main purpose of writing is to encourage well-to-do people to contribute to the society as much as possible and to encourage those who are doing something for the society. Very kind
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April 17, 2021
4 Ramadan 1442 AH on Saturday

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